WordPress Vs Blogger: Which Platform To Choose

WordPress Vs Blogger: Which Platform To Choose

WordPress Vs Blogger- Which Platform to Choose?


Note: This comparison between WordPress and Blogger is based on our blogging experience.

If you are looking for a career out of these two platforms, then this article will provide you with an idea as to which one to choose.

I would like to tell you that, I am very much comfortable with WordPress that is why I personally recommend WordPress.

In this article, we will compare WordPress with the Blogger to help you decide which one is better and why. This can help you in making the best decision for yourself when it comes to WordPress Vs Blogger as a platform for your website.

The debate we are going to perform here centres around WordPress.

Yeah! You read it right!

WordPress! Which is considered to be one of the world’s most popular content management systems but Blogger, it is a free tool owned by Google.

Well, there is no doubt that when it comes to blogging, numerous options are available to start a blog:






And many more…

But the most popular that people ask about is:

Which one to choose?

WordPress or Blogger?


An Overview


The debate WordPress Vs Blogger is quite confusing several times. The reason behind this is some people like BlogSpot because from the technical point of view it is hassle-free.

While, on the other side some people love WordPress, because of its features and increased power.

But when someone asks me which platform should we start with?

Here is my usual answer: WordPress.com.

Hey, I am not being finicky. Alternatively, you have full freedom to start with Blogger.com, as your blogging platform.

From my experience I recommend WordPress. The simple reason behind this is that many of my friends who have started their blogging life with BlogSpot have moved to WordPress.org.

Though there are hells of a lot of learning experiences, when you try to figure out WordPress, yet there are lots of detailed guides, videos and tutorials available to help you with using WordPress.

Anyway, in this article, I am going to share a quick comparison between WordPress Vs Blogger and which one is a better option to choose for some situations and why.

But, before that, just for the sake of your information I would like to tell you:

What is Blogger?


What is WordPress?

Let’s start first with

What is Blogger?


Blogger which was initially developed by Pyra Labs and later acquired by Google in the year 2003 is online blogging software.

Since 2003, after the acquisition, Google is hosting the platform. Ever since the acquisition, Google is powering bloggers from around the world.

Creating a blog on Blogger is free and also you can start writing Posts at ease. Well, I actually think that you already know what a post or a blog is?

It is easy to use blogger because of its Simplified User Interface (UI).

Now, let’s have a look at our next platform i.e., WordPress.


What is WordPress?


In the year 2003, the same year Google acquired Blogger, Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little founded WordPress.

WordPress is again online blogging software, which helps you to create your own blogs and also you can write your own posts.

WordPress is built upon two highly popular technical languages, PHP and MySQL, and provides a Content Management System (CMS).

Although, WordPress and Blogger pose numerous similarities, yet there are some differences to look after.

And here is a list:

Blog Names

Making Money

Themes and Layouts

Hosting Fees

And some Statistical Differences also.

I hope now you might have gotten an idea about WordPress and Blogger.

Let’s move on further towards our main agenda:


WordPress Vs Blogger: Which Platform to Choose

Image result for wordpress vs blogger



First, let me take you to the pros and cons of choosing Blogger as a launchpad of your blogging platform. So, we are going to discuss here:


Why And Why Not To Choose Blogger?


The Blogger or BlogSpot as we have discussed earlier in the article is online blogging software which was acquired by Google in the year 2003.

It simply means that your content completely lies in the hands of Google. In other words, if Google wants to shut down the platform i.e., Blogger, then you will not get access to your data.

Well, this is very unlikely that Google will shut down Blogger platform. But just answers to the question yourself, “Would you like to safeguard your keepsakes at home or at a stranger’s house?

See, Blogger is very useful when you want to start a blog only and only if you want to share your thoughts.

When you are not intended to start or write a post for the sake of money, or you are looking for a blogging platform, technologically which is hassle-free, then Blogger or BlogSpot is the best option.

Blogger is filled with limitations as it is a proprietary product, without any outside influence. That means limitations in terms of SEO benefits and limitations in terms of functionalities.

I know I have told you that it is maintained by Google. Definitely, Google maintains the platform very actively. It comes up with new themes and updated features from time to time, but occasionally, though the pace does not match the requirements.

Well, if you just looking a platform to write a blog where it costs 0 to you, then Blogger is the best option to pick from the list of blog sites.

Blogger has limited control over visibility on search engines and later it becomes difficult for you when you want to add new or more features to your platform. That means it is not a good choice if you are looking for:

Building authority

Blogging for earning money 

OR for your own branding


Well, you can earn money using the Blogger platform, but as I said, resources are limited. You can earn money only if you are displaying targeted ads using Google AdSense.

In fact, if you want to add an online store, you have to take help of a third-party eCommerce platform like Shopify, in order to integrate their selling tools.

Maybe you have read this most of the times that:

See, it really doesn’t matter whether you are using BlogSpot, WordPress or any other platform, your SEO is decided the way you configure your website for the search engines.

Though Blogger platform has added some new features, yet it lacks in SEO optimization.

When Blogger platform boasts Google security, it actually has a strong point. The reason is, we know that Google owns the platform and it basically operates the servers who are hosting your website.

It also operates the blogging software itself, so this prevents your website from the susceptible malicious attacks.

We can say that the platform is better than WordPress, but only when you are creating a blog for no other reason accept writing a blog.

If you accept the reason that the Blogger platform has limited features offered, then the choice is good.

Let’s dive into the competitor in the league and that is WordPress. We will discuss why and why not to choose WordPress as a blogging platform.

So, let’s get started!


Why and Why Not to Choose WordPress



Note: Top blogging sites like neilpatel.com, backlinko.com, shoutmeloud.com as well as digitaldhairya.com etc, uses WordPress or Self Hosted WordPress as its blogging platform.

Please don’t take me wrong. This will not make my comparison one-sided or biased. But this is just for your information.

When you opt for WordPress, you will receive the software on which you can do what you wish. That means technically you can do anything you want because you have complete control over your blog.

Unlike Blogger platform, you are able to host the software “WordPress”, as well as all the content of your website, and that too on your own account.

A large number of hosting providers like HostGator or GoDaddy will include a free custom domain with your plan, which is in addition to the one-click installers in order to get started with WordPress.

This will enable you to host your website in your own name such as yourname.com instead of registering it like yourname.blogspot.com.

So, it is advisable not to waste much time and get started with WordPress today itself and enjoy the benefits of registering domain names with the least cost:



One more thing, which is again in favor of WordPress is, it provides you with numerous options of free and premium themes which are relevant to almost every website need. You can edit the themes accordingly and can create and upload your own custom designs.

If we have to talk about the process of making money, then I must say neither Blogger nor WordPress consists with the ability to create an online storefront.

But, there is a popular internet eCommerce platform which is actually owned by WordPress and that is WooCommerce.

That means if you are intending to create a blog for the sake of making money and becoming popular, then WordPress, is the right choice baby AHA!

Well, every software needs some efforts to get started. But, Patience gives you sweet fruits.

In the world of WordPress with the no-restrictions zone, it may require some efforts in terms of watching videos, getting addicted to the dashboard activities and also efforts in terms of learning as to how to add a plug-in.

However, WordPress provides you with numerous plugins and platforms, and the best part is most of them are available free.

On the more, you also get complete control over SEO and you can add SEO plugins. That means you can make your blog or post SEO friendly. The latest SEO techniques like “star-rating” can also be introduced and used using the plugin “Rich-Snippet”.

Well, the drawback of WordPress is that it is not owned by Google, unlike Blogger.

We have always heard that the most popular is the main target. WordPress being the most popular blogging site leaves the platform vulnerable.

The rookie site owner does not take much care and leave the site updated with themes or plugins or the software WordPress as a whole.

Let’s see what the WordPress Codex has to say on this. Keeping the security of WordPress installation in mind the developers have created numerous plugins in order to take:

Back-up of your information

Automating updates,

For securing your websites, and last but not the least

Monitoring of malicious attacks.

You can have a quick comparison of WordPress Vs Blogger, explaining the difference of features between WordPress Vs Blogger Vs WordPress.org (Self-hosted WordPress).


You can see great videos shared by Matt on the topic. One of the videos which help you understand which one is better: WordPress Vs Blogger? is shared here:





In the article WordPress Vs Blogger: which platform to choose, we made a quality comparison between the two platforms.

`However, the blogger platform is a right pick, if and only if you are looking for writing a blog. And if you are not looking it with the intention of making money or getting any kind of popularity or branding yourself, then it is not a good pick.

While on the other hand, WordPress is an amazing platform when you are opting for personal or professional blogging. It is also a good option if you want to create a blog with the intention of making money or creating a business blog.

See, when you have to start writing a blog, you yourself have to figure out what you are expecting from yourself.

Every platform has some of the other limitations. But, here we are discussing WordPress Vs Blogger, and we should be aware that Blogger is loaded with more limitations than WordPress.

And also, if we will look at both in terms of functionality, then WordPress is far superior to Blogger platform.

We always get attracted to “Free”. Just remember “almost free” is far better especially when it comes to websites and hosting.

Look, whether you are running an eCommerce website or hosting your professional blog, the security features, as well as the number of tools and benefits enlisted along with a decent hosting plan, will make a change to your dreams.

I hope the article WordPress Vs Blogger has persuaded you to move from Blogger to WordPress. Then we can make you ready to move from Blogger to WordPress.

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Thank You!

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