Blogging Tips – Become A Successful Blogger in 2018

Blogging Tips – Become A Successful Blogger in 2018

Whatever we search on google, keywords plays the important role. And to get targeted keywords what type of content you write is important. It helps you to rank your website on google. Google algorithm work on best and quality omg rutor content. So this blog is all about blogging.

Blogging is one of the best business models in the world.

Blogging Topics

As we know, content is the king so there are some points that we have to know about the blogging. Blogging is a waste without these points so read them carefully.

  • Current topics in the news
  • Whats in news
  • Your interest and market
  • Rich Content
  • News
  • Demand
  • Quality content

Google Trends

This is a very important tool for blogging it helps you find the blogging topics that you need to write. As the name suggests it will show some of the suggestions related to your topic. It tells whether the topic is on trend or not. As 60% Google is use and 40% another search engine is used in content choice. So we will focus on Google blogging platform to increase our traffic and branding.

The crucial or the most important thing is when you blog according to google trends it helps growing traffic on the website. So if you are writing an article on some specific topic then first check the Google trend and then write.

Blogging example, I am writing an article on blogging tips so first I will check the graph on Google trends of blogging tips then I will write the article. But if the graph is low then I will not pick that topic but the graph shows high density in a keyword then I will take that keyword and write an article on that.

Niche Blogging 

Focus on that area in which you are expert. And then you can write infinite things on that topic. As I can talk about digital marketing in a stretch because I love digital marketing.

Don’t try to write on everything means you are writing on the different topic. Just choose your niche in which you are expert and you can become number 1 in that. So first create your blogging niche list.

For Example, If I were ill, I will go to the doctor because he is the right person who will check me instead of going to a medical store and take any medicine. It is better to check up with a doctor then I will take the step.

In the same way, it is very important to choose your niche.

Focus on blogging niches and become number one in market

  • Many bloggers try to do everything and here’s they are losing the game.
  • So try to find your blogging niche and get started with your blogging as a career.
  • Focus on narrow topics and become a leader in the market.
  • My goal is to recognize the top Digital Marketer in the world and maintain that position.

Take Blogging As Your Business

There are so many ways to earn money by blogging but first, we learn how to convert traffic to your website. When we start blogging it’s hard to convert traffic to the website because we don’t have that much recognition in the market.

The best way in initial one year, we have to boost our post on facebook it helps us to convert genuine traffic on the website and it also helps in branding.

When you get the traffic it helps in improving your website rank and also help in increasing organic traffic.

 Blogging for money

  • Sell your product
  • Do affiliate marketing
  • Run Google ads on your website
  • Sell your services
  • Sell your courses to earn

There are some modules which we will discuss here in very short. That help you earn money from your blogs.

Google ads

Google ads are the best way to earn money because it is the easiest way to earn money. What you have to do is, make your website on niche topics and add at least 10 -15 articles to approve your Google Adsense account. These articles should be original or unique because if Google finds the copied content then it will reject your account. So try to be unique and resourceful in your content.

Once your GoogleAdsense account is approved they will give you a code. You have to place that code on your website. Through this code, you can earn money. As when traffic comes to your website and while reading your content if someone clicks on those ads then you earn money from there.

In future articles, we will discuss how to approve your account from Google Adsense and how to make revenue from it.

Affiliate marketing

In affiliate marketing what we have to do is we have to put links on our website from the affiliate marketing sites. From this, if someone clicks and purchases something from the links that you placed then you get the commission from that link. This whole process is called affiliate marketing.

For example, I put laptop link or banner on my website and someone comes and clicks on that link and purchase from that link. From this, I will get the commission from there.

In the future article, we will discuss affiliate marketing. How to do that and how to make revenue from it.

And there are also many other ways to earn money online. We will discuss all modules in future in detail.

If you are facing any problem how to start blogging I will help you. But first you have to fill this form and after reviewing I will get back to you.

One more thing to say, if you are a marketer and you have not started your website. Then don’t wait for others just start it from today. I am here to help you and if you have not read my previous article then read it. Take knowledge, get motivated and make your own brand.

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