Content Marketing Is Most Important For Digital Marketing.

Content Marketing Is Most Important For Digital Marketing.

Content Marketing

Can you actually imagine what is this meant for? How can we relate it to Content Marketing?

Content Marketing

Friends, I think, this is the best example I could give you regarding Content Marketing.

I am sure, this is the best content marketing of its time.

I know, you might be thinking, that content marketing is related to Facebook, or Twitter or Linked In. But content marketing is far deeper than these online marketing ways.

We should understand the concept of content marketing, because, content marketing is not just penned down the way of thinking or looking at things.

But, content marketing is all about storytelling.

Earlier, people used to use very simple ways of marketing and they were hits of their time.

Humans have always been a good storyteller, as long as, they could speak.

And we always attract towards those, who tells great stories.

It is the reason that, Sidney Sheldon- A great fiction teller of its time.

Or, AgoraPulse, the best blogger of 2017, who consistently provide content several times a week, using screenshots to show readers how to use social media, got the content marketing award.

It is the reason why Kevin Spacey was once a keynote speaker at a marketing speaker.

When Hasbro and Marvel, managed to launch their comic books in the year 1982, and their marketing strategy was very simple.

They wanted to become one of the best comic stories of their times, though they had only two stories.

And, you know what, they launched Amazing Spider-Man, in 1995 and after eight years it had been the highest-numbered American comic still in circulation till 2010.

This is all because of attractive content and simple ways of marketing.

But, times have changed now. Things are not as simple as they were some days back in 80’s, and they won’t necessarily work today.

We can say that with the change in time, new channels of marketing are approaching and so the competition and new opportunities are knocking.

So, let’s catch up with the list of content marketing in content marketing guide. The top notches are:

1. Definition

2. History Video

3. Strategies

4. Types

5. Techniques

6. Content Marketing Format

7. Conclusion



The Content Marketing Institute, an online resource for information on all content marketing related things, define Content Marketing thusly:

“Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.”

That’s completely right. But this is so technical.

I will define content marketing in a simple term:

“Content Marketing is a process of creating and sharing valuable free content to attract and convert prospects into customers and customers into repeat buyers. It requires a lot of brainstorming”.

Now, in both the definitions please notice the keyword “Valuable”, that changes the definition from one that could describe any form of advertising or marketing.

That completely means that you value your customers and care about of your customers.

Today, we have noticed that people or customers expect us to have cared more than ever before. The world, in which we are living or the new generation is louder and noisier than ever before.


Before jumping to the next category, we should know the brief history of content marketing.

And here we are presenting a video, which the Content Marketing Institute, has created to make people understand the importance and origin of content marketing.

A Documentary- The story of content: Rise of New Marketing

Mind me when I am saying the best way to learn content marketing is by examples. That is why I have given you some examples as such.


Well, there are tons of content marketing strategies which exists today. Earlier it was not the case when it used to come to Content Marketing. It means that, though, there were less marketing methods but, the options were remarkably vast.

But, as we have said, that, times have changed and so the strategies too.

There are seven basic Content Marketing Strategies which we may help you in building a content marketing strategy:

  1. Plan Of Content Marketing:

Plan your actions today. Planning is really very important part of not only in case of content marketing but also for any marketing tool, which you opt, whether it is social media or SEO, you need strong plans and actions.

A content marketer should plan correctly about these simple things first:

  1. Who are you?
  2. What do you want?
  3. Where are you?
  4. What do you want to convey?
  5. What are the plans to convey things correctly?

As we have said that, content marketing can be learned through examples, so again, I am going to make it clear with the example of a content marketing plan only.

Who are you?

We are into Housing Schemes

What do you want?

Increase sales revenue, apart from this, you want to convey about your schemes through contents.

You want to increase traffic

You want to engage the audience in content marketing. Etc.


  1. Audience:

In content marketing, we always know that the customer is the judge. You should make clear that if your content doesn’t cater to the right people, with the right problem, that your content solves, then your content marketing strategy is not worth at all.

This is so obvious, that, whatever content you are writing, it should engage your content marketing target audience and fit the marketing theories.
Image result for content marketing strategy
You can notice the line which says “Your strategy should outline your key business and customer needs and how your content efforts will address them”. This is the marketing content for content marketing which has intimated keys for best content marketing- given by Content Marketing Institute.


  1. Story: 

There is a proverb “what you see you sell”. That completely means whatever story you are telling or framing in any way, you are going to gain on that basis.

People who are great storytellers are more attractive.

Content is the “King” and it is all about “Story Telling”.

The great storyteller you are, the more you are successful.

I hope you remember the beautifully framed advertisement of “Happy Dent”. Let us have a look at it:


This is the best commercial I have ever seen which has got the Cannes Award in the year 2007 for the best Content Marketing Storytelling.

So, for an article or blog or anything you want to convey to the audience, your content should be clear, precise and trustworthy.


  1. Channels:

Here, through channels of content marketing, we mean the medium through which content can reach the maximum audience.

We have to select which content marketing channel will be the most effective and how you are going to deliver your message, so that, it can reach the audience.

Choosing the right medium at the right time and delivering it to the right place and to the right audience or a relevant audience is the motive of this strategy.

Facebook is a medium, likewise, E-mail Marketing is also a medium to deliver the content to the audience. The other ways we can use are:

SEO (Offline or Online)

Linked In



Youtube Videos

Q&A Sessions





Podcasts etc. and many more.

I have told you there are numerous options but don’t get overwhelmed. You can use each and every medium whenever it is required and in the best way you can.


  1. Process:

Content marketing is not confined to the medium to which it can reach the maximum audience.

But it is necessary to follow a process of content marketing. The ways you are adopting to write your content will give you a direction to convey it properly.

In a world with social media, various software, endless Internet space, self-publishing companies, and free graphic design tools, numerous content writers, the strategies you can use to attract customers are as same as the fish in the sea.


  1. Conversations:

What we always discuss is all about online strategies. But offline strategies also work a lot in case of Content Marketing.

Resolving customers grievances, a conversation with the customers help them out with their problems etc. Initiating the conversation with customers or audiences works as a medicine on the wound. It is important to know what your customers are thinking about you and what they are expecting from the content you are giving.

Feedback is also necessary in case you are writing and receiver is receiving.

It may include online chats or offline chats you can provide or an interview will be a great help.

  1. Measurement:

While writing content and going for content marketing, a report on content marketing will be a great help.

You necessarily keep a check on the reports to measure your content, whether your content is deviating from the topic or not.

The message you are trying to convey should be clear and precise, with the relevant information. Deviation from the topic may keep your customers away from your website and you may lose your audience.


This is how you can frame your own content marketing strategy. Let’s immediately jump to the next topic.

We are sure that you might be thinking about the types of Content we can write? So, let’s not waste time start with your curiosity.


Types Of Content:

Unlike the 80s and 90s, content is not just writing a letter, newspaper article, magazines etc. Now the time has changed a lot. The market is laden with new competitors and new strategies of conveying your thoughts and information to the audience.

Apart from simple writing contents have shaped themselves differently in the form of:

Blogs– which we define as the best place to pervade. You can write blogs on digital marketing, blogs on life, blogs on travel etc.

Articles– They are not confined only to writing books or newspaper column, but also an awesome platform to convey your message or information in a form.

E-books– Electronic books or E-books are an example of quizlet. They are also a new platform for conveying and marketing the content to the maximums, as around 90% of the world population is online today.

Case Studies – writing case studies also provide with useful information and we can say that it is a platform to provide information on real facts and figures and leave a lesson for many.


Videos– These days people get attracted more towards visuals than writings. There is still a large population who are illiterate, but visuals or video marketing leaves an impact on many. Best video content marketing example we have shown you earlier in this article.

You can create your own live video and reach the maximums.

Podcasts which is again an audio version of content. Discover a podcast about Watergate!

Interviews– Contacting or interacting with people via interviews, will provide you feedback on the content and may give maximum knowledge as well.

We often see interviews of Film stars or politicians and gain information, on the basis of this information content been written.

Whitepapers and Guest posting which are the last ones but not the least way of content writing.

Reaching the maximum number of people doesn’t matter what way or technique you are adopting is the motive of content marketing.

So, guys, we will move on to the next topic of Techniques or Tips to create effective Content.


Techniques to Create Effective Content

The first question from this topic that comes to the mind is

“How to create content that isn’t a joke?”

Firstly, we should answer the websites. A questionnaire is important for effective content writing.

There are options available to write answers to the questions which are in trend with the topic you are writing.

From the sites like and Quora, you can answer a lot of relevant questions and also you can question.

This trend of Q&A session will help you gain more and more relevant information about the content.

We can go via an example: you can question them as “How to create a comprehensive content marketing strategy?”

Now, maybe you are thinking of writing content with this strategy or topic.

You can go to:

  1. Content Ideas
  2. Writing about the success of great people
  • Success stories
  • Interviews
  • Blogs
  • Case Studies


3. Sky Scrapper Technique

It is a technique which will provide you with numerous other options on the google. Many times we have noticed that whenever we search something on search engines, they provide us with hundreds of other options as well.

In the second phase, we should focus on the next technique, which in itself is unique as how we can create magnetic headlines.

There is a proverb “jaggery attracts flies”. An attractive headline will bring several audiences to your website or content, which will increase the traffic to your website.

Self-centred headline:

“We listen. We understand. We make it work.”

Customer-centric headline:

“You deserve a banker who listens, understands and makes it work.”
Image result for best headlines retail awards for 2018
 This advertisement of the Retail awards shows the best headline ever been given.

The headlines which we are creating should be:

  1. Unique
  2. Sense Of Urgency
  3. Relevant


Content Marketing Formats

Here, are more content marketing formats which we are going to share and here we go!

  1. How to’s? – How to manage Facebook ads and get most out of it?
  2. Who else wants? – Who else wants to work in digital marketing for big companies?
  3. The secret of? – The secret of ranking your website on search engine fastly
  4. Here is a method too? – Here is a method to create an effective and convertible landing page
  5. Little known ways to? – Little known ways of Google AdWords feature that you must use to optimize a campaign.

After all, this, let’s have a look at this video. I must tell you this video is great for the amateurs, who have put their legs for the first time in the world of Digital Marketing.


That’s was lots of examples.

I hope they give you a few ideas about creating effective content writing. This was just a few tips of the iceberg.

In the past, the content world was very easy to survive, but today, anybody can use content for its own benefit in the present scenario.

We have become success conscious these days, no matter, what strategy we follow, what technique we adopt, but, the one who tells great stories, survive in the long run. Content is great if companies are ready to pay for it.

And, we are here to guide you in this.

Let me know if you are facing any problem just fill this form and I will get back to you soon.

In your service,
Dhairya Singh Chauhan

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