How Can SEO Hacks Increase Your Search Traffic

How Can SEO Hacks Increase Your Search Traffic

How Can SEO Hacks Increase Your Search Traffic


Who doesn’t want to build its personal brand online? I mean entrepreneurs, businessmen, digital marketers, SEOs and everyone who all are a part of this online game, are looking for ways to become famous and wanted to build a brand online. Here we will discuss few How Can SEO Hacks Increase Your Search Traffic.

Before that watch this video. This might be a way just to speed up your website.

Hope you liked it! But tell me how can you do this?

For this, you actually need more advanced tools in order to boost your SEO.


You can see that 66% of marketers are focused on improving SEO and organic traffic, as their top priority of 2017- According to PageTrafficBuzz.

But, you have to be smart enough here. Just notice if everybody is following the same thing, then it’s time to think ahead of everyone.

We are always in a habit of walking in a herd. The biggest myth of online marketing is that you think you can get success while sticking to what others are doing.

You should remember that the formula for one cannot be the key to success for the others. Change yourself and start thinking one step further.

We consider you as a startup with little time and money, who are looking for ways on how can SEO hacks increase your search traffic.

So, let us not waste any time and jump to the points we are going to explore today as to how can SEO hacks increase your search traffic.


How Can SEO Hacks Increase Your Search Traffic?


Publish Long Content


Several industries have found that there is a correlation between higher rankings and long content.

But, it is not true that long content will skyrocket you to the first page. Still, there is data to show that publishing longer data of 1000+ words can help you to rank high.

For this, it is necessary to follow those who have traffic. You have to research what these tycoons are doing.

Let us have a look at Alexa Rankings. According to Alexa Rankings, there ais8 most popular website in the world. They are shown below.


These all sites have something in common, they all generate user-friendly content. That is they rely on user-generated content.

The main reason behind this is that users or consumers trust more on user-generated content than the traditional media.

We can see here in the pic that, Google and Baidu are the search engines and without the internet full of content they are irrelevant.

Facebook, Reddit, and Youtube are social networking sites which are filled with user-generated content.

In fact, Yahoo!, which is a portal and also Wikipedia is a public encyclopedia.

When these biggest sites can have user-generated content. Why can’t you?

A recent study shows- how much do you trust the product info you get from different sources?

Let us have a look.


Well, consumers rely heavily on user-generated content to make purchasing decisions. From the above, we can conclude that the more customers will trust you, the more loyal they’ll become towards your product. And we know that customers’ trust user-generated content.

You have to understand that, when a post goes “viral”, it is because of the user-generated content.

While generating a user-generated content, you will be able to build engagement, through which you will gain huge SEO boost and you will win a brand reputation as well.


Follow your competitors


Well, this has been very well said that- “good artists create, while great artists steal”.

We have often seen that whoever started a quote is unknown to everybody, but it is been stolen quite often.

This is true for SEO. It is recommended that you can follow your competitors very well but smartly.

If you want to rank high in the sky(Google) or SERPs, then you should copy the sites that are ranking already high.

And, for this, there are several tools available.


The above depicts the statistics of traffic on the website of Neil Patel- The No1 Blogger, on SimilarWeb.

SimilarWeb is a free tool you can use, to get your competitor’s backlinks. It is also a good website to know the ranking of your competitor’s as well.

Let us have a look at the live example if I put the topic “How Can SEO Hacks increase your search traffic?”


We can see that no matter how many ways of SEO Hacks you have written, the ones which are non-listicle, are ranking at the top.

What value your content is giving is a matter of concern. Let us see what others are providing you.

You can see, they have used Heading 3, sometimes I do also use this Heading tag for my Title. But, you can see it lacks image and quality of content is missing.

I think I am providing you with much more useful and complete information, and not just jotting down the points.


Utilize Free SEO Tools

I have seen many of my friends are not using the tools which are available free of cost. Rather they ignore, than using them. But, you don’t do that.

You know that it is not necessary to pay money for SEO Tools when they are available free.

There are numerous tools available online. Let us talk about few of them in detail.

#1 Google Analytics

You should regularly monitor your Google Analytics acquisition reports so that, you are informed about your website’s status. These acquisition reports on Google Analytics are used to look for what search queries and landing pages are performing in the SERPs.

#2 Google Webmaster Tool

On Google Webmaster Tool you will find the testing tools, Structured data testing, Page-speed insights, Ad experience report and much more on Google’s powerful suite of tools.


#3 Google Search Console

This is the most popular one. You will get an idea as to how you can increase traffic using Search Console.

You can use search console, for fixing URL errors. That means, Search Console, can give you an idea of your URL errors and be fixing these can boost your SEO to a great extent.

#4 SEMRush

We have many times earlier also, mentioned about SEMRush in our articles. It is a great tool, which lets you monitor both your site as well as your competitor’s website. The SEMRush audit can help you with how to increase domain authority as well.

It is easier to check the mobile keywords, which are different from desktop keywords.

This is how a website’s blog looks like. A lot more information you can see.

How many organic search visitors you get per month?

Information on matching competitor keywords, and

A visual chart of keyword rankings, etc.

From here you can do a competitive analysis of your competitors on the list, just by clicking on any of the links.

There are other tools as well. You can use them:



SEO Analyzer Tool, etc.


Use Long-tail Keywords

We are recommending people in order to increase traffic on site, you should start your blog with long-tail Keyword, for SEO purposes.

This is the one which is one of the answers to how can SEO hacks increase your search traffic.

Let me tell you why?

See, if I have to blog on inbound marketing, then I think Google Keyword Planner is a good place to start.

Image result for google keyword planner

We can see what keywords we have got. Inbound marketing agency, what is inbound marketing etc, to name a few.

These long tail keyword suggestions provide you an idea of what people are searching for.

Now, I have come to know that I can write a blog on “What is inbound marketing and what are there agencies?”

I can write with H2 headings with headers like, “What is Inbound Marketing?”, “difference between inbound and outbound marketing?” I am on the right track.

You can also add Curated Content, once you have started with writing a blog.

By sharing a relevant content and RSS feeds, you will provide value and can build trust with your current customers.

If you will add more and more relevant and original content on your page, you will become another great portal on the web, that is how SEO giants are made.


Use Infographics

Image result for infographics

Last but not the least on how can SEO hacks increase your search traffic is Infographics.

Infographics are seriously a secret weapon to double your traffic. The reason for this is, visual data is processed faster than the text.

Here is one infographic of the recent research done.

It best explains social media photo sizes, and it is not the one which explains the facts about someone or some person, like this:

There are some infographics that can cram a lot more information, but loading time is important.

We cannot run away from the fact that, these infographics can be a complicated subject that could slow the load time of a page.

But, still, we will say that the more infographics you will add to the page, the more you will gain traffic, and climb the SEO rankings.

That is why we highly recommend using infographics to the content or blog.

There is an excerpt from HubSpot infographic on infographics for SEO.

We can see that majority of CMO and consumers are agreeing on the fact that infographics are effective.

Its ok, if I am not selling any brand or physical product, I am selling service and information.

There are other SEO hacks also, which can be used to gain traffic to the website, and boost your SEO. They can be:

  1. You can list your products on Amazon and eBay. You can buy cheap and best SEO books 2018 on Amazon
  2. It is better option to submit your site to StumbleUpon
  3. Help a reporter out, is the best way to get publicity and media attention.
  4. Mine comment walls to allow and encourage comments on all your blogs.

The Last Note

I know I have written a lengthy article on How Can SEO Hacks Increase Your Search Traffic? but it is a long read with better information.

I am sure how can SEO hacks increase your search traffic will definitely do well in the SERPs.

There are numerous other SEO Hacks that can help you in boosting your SEO and increase your search traffic. SEO is a complicated subject.

When you read the articles like this, it seems easy to rank in search engines, but, it is a long process. It may take years for you to rank high like your competitors.

That is why you have to continue with your blogging every day. You have to be regular in your work and update the site and new things as often as you can.

Mark the words“the more effort and time you put in building your SEO, the more stable and sustainable your business will be”.

We end up here, hoping you have found the article useful for your website.

I didn’t cover many of the SEO hacks, maybe you have successfully applied them.

We appreciate you if you will fill your comments in the Form() here.

Stay Tuned!

Thank you!

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