Amazon Associate Program Review: 8 Must Know Things Before Joining

Amazon Associate Program Review: 8 Must Know Things Before Joining

Amazon Associate Program Review


  • Large Seller Base
  • Recognizable Brand Name
  • Easy Implementation
  • Well Sorted Commission Structure

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Amazon Associate Program Review

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Amazon Associate Program Review

When you decide on choosing a product or we can say an affiliate program, the first thing which you search for is “Reviews”.

Without a proper search, we do not buy any product online. We go to Google and search for reviews and ratings.

Looking for reviews and ratings are like as if you are going to a store and trying each and every piece you have chosen for yourself and then buying it.

As we all know, Amazon is an online superstore, which has a lot in common with the Amazon rainforest.

Do you feel it is complex or mysterious?

Well sometimes to know a lot more about a particular thing, you need to bushwhack your way through.

I am sure if not more, but everybody knows something or the other about Amazon.

First of all, it is an eCommerce giant, which has entered the Indian market late. But this late entrant became a good hope of earning for the publishers soon.

In my last article, I have talked about Flipkart Vs Amazon.

Amazon, because of its good commission structure and well sorted daily reports has been considered a good Affiliate platform of earning online.

Here, in the Amazon Associate Program Review, I am going to tell you whether or not Amazon is really good. Is Affiliate program good to choose from the ones going on in the market?

Right now Amazon stands to be one of the most popular eCommerce giants. It took several years for Amazon to foot them and to achieve the current success that they have.

The Amazon India Associate Program enables the publishers in India to earn money online by selling the affiliate products.

This Associate Program is laden with all the necessary tools and tutorials to facilitate the creation of a profitable affiliate business.

As we have discussed in our article as well, the Associate Program is easy and simple to start and use. Unlike, Flipkart you need to get a single approval to start working with Amazon first.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the biggest online shops in India. So there is always a chance of getting financial benefit from joining the program.

Before we move on to the Amazon Associate Program Review, let’s take a look at the overview of Amazon.

Overview of Amazon

I would like to tell you that, was founded by Jeff Bezos, on July 5, 1994. He started it as an online bookstore but later on it diversified to sell video downloads/streaming.

It is the largest eCommerce market place and cloud computing platform in the world as measured on the basis of revenue and capitalization.

Amazon is the largest internet company by revenue in the world and the second largest employer in the United States. Amazon Associates was one of the first online affiliate marketing programs which were launched in the year 1996.

The Amazon Associates program has a record of developing solutions to help the website owners, Amazon sellers and web developers make money online.

By advertising millions of used and new products from and its subsidiaries, such as and, people are able to earn money online.

All of this can be done in a simple way. When the website owners and bloggers who all are associates create links and customers click through those links for making any kind of purchases, they are likely to earn referral fees.

Amazon Associate Program is free to join and easy to use.

A person can start with registering itself on Unlike Flipkart, an approval is required which is quite easy and simple, providing them with the Facebook fan page too.

In this Amazon Associate Program review, I will take care that all the relevant questions in your mind should be answered here. Such as:

  • Why Amazon Associate Program is so popular?
  • Who all can sign up?
  • Is it worth joining the program? Etc.

So, let’s get started with this!

1. Amazon Associate Program Review Video

2. What are the PROS And CONS Of Amazon Associate Program?


  • Amazon affiliate program is simple and easy to use. A portal is set up so that you are able to link some specific pages or product without the help any protégé.
  • You can join the Amazon Associate Program for free. That means there is no cost levied for signing up the program. Generally, they give approval to anyone who does not have any derogatory, sexual or any kind of harmful content.
  • Undoubtedly, Amazon is one of the largest eCommerce websites in the world. You can find almost everything you want when you search on No matter what your niche is, there is a product available on Amazon that can benefit you.
  • One of the advantages of Amazon Associate Program is that you can track the performance of specific ads. The benefit of this is that you will be able to understand what has produced the highest revenue, so you can replicate the same in the future.
  • At Amazon’s program, you will be able to get numerous options in terms of text links, interactive ad boxes and banner ads etc.
  • In recent years, because of its services, Amazon has created a brand image, which has proved to be trustworthy over the years. If I look at today’s scenario, then Amazon has become popular and most of the audience has made purchases from it.
  • You can also sell branded products and services that are available on Amazon. It is all because of its bounty program that enables us to earn money. You can do this by signing up people up to the services like Kindle Unlimited, Amazon Prime, Twitch Prime etc.
  • Well, sorted commission structure is also one of the advantages of the Amazon Associate program.


  • Low Commission Rates: Though the commission structure of the Associate Program is better than other eCommerce affiliate programs like Flipkart, yet Amazon provides a low commission to its affiliates.

The majority of the categories on Amazon pay almost 5% or maybe less commission. Apparently, there are other categories too on which Amazon is paying high commission.

  • 24-Hour Cookies: The biggest drawback I find with Amazon Associate is that a cookie stays with a customer only for 24- hours.

That means when someone clicks the link that you have given, you have an only 24-hour window. So in order to earn commission on the products which the audience is going to purchase you have only one day.

When your 24 hours is over, then you will not get any commission on the link clicked, unless the user clicks your link again or the person added the item to their cart.

  • Complex Terms and Conditions: Everything you are doing with Amazon comes with the tag of “T&C”. That means you have to be very careful while moving on Amazon, as they can ban you. One wrong move and you are “Banned”!

So, its better be safe than banned from the program forever. When you feel something fishy, don’t do it.

3. What is the Commission Structure of Amazon Associate Program?

Amazon’s commission structure got changed in the year 2017. The change brings out a more sorted and well-defined commission structure.

According to the changes, each category of a product will have a fixed commission percentage that you will earn.

On the more, Amazon’s affiliate commission ranges from 1-10%, depending on the category of the product. Though it is a broad range of commission given by Amazon, yet when I look at the commission rates of other affiliate programs then it is pretty much on-par.

But, again you can see that Amazon is offering some higher commissions as well on certain categories.

If I look at other retailers, then most of them are offering commission which ranges from 1-5%. Even some of the other companies may be offering 75% or more commission, but they are not big box stores like Walmart or Target.

The earlier commission used to be calculated according to the number of sales that an affiliate marketer used to refer during a month. That means, the more products you sold, the better would be the commission.

Now, the Amazon affiliates earn either lower or higher commission rates categorically, and not by the number of sales.

Here, the meaning is very clear and precise. Those affiliates who are selling over 1000 products in a month are earning less than half of what they used to earn earlier.

This earning depends on the commission fixed for the particular category they have chosen for their product.

Let’s have a look at the commission rates chart:

Amazon Associate Program Review

Amazon Associate Program Review

Here, you can see that you can earn 10% also on some product categories. You can also earn 8% and 9% in various other categories.

However, you can notice that on some products they are offering only 1% also. Take decisions accordingly.

Well, this is not ended up here. There are a lot more to know in the Amazon Associate Program Review.

4. How To Become A Member?

Image result for payment options of Amazon Associate Program

Amazon Associate Program is free to join and easy to use.

A person can start with registering itself on

Unlike other affiliate programs, you need approval from the team. Well, this will be the end of registering yourself. That means you don’t require further approval.

When you are done with the filling of the form, the status of your approval will be communicated to you very soon. After you get with the approval process, you will be laden with appropriate links and codes which you can place on your website.

Whatever sales are done using the links and codes will be attributed to you and thereafter, you will get your commission.

You know that the program is very easy and simple to join, so it gives an advantage to the owners and bloggers. The existing and prospective web owners, as well as bloggers, get the proper incentive to join the program.

Well, you also get the benefit of posting the products on Facebook and Twitter and whatever sales are done you will get the commission for that as well.

Amazon Associate Program Review

So, according to me, the Amazon Associate Program is exciting and you should join it right away.

5. What Are The Reporting And Linking Tools of Amazon India?

Are you still thinking whether or not join the Amazon Associate Program?

Well, if you are still in flux, then I am sure this may going to help you. Keeping records of everything is not a bad idea.

Whatever you are purchasing or you are selling, you should keep a record of it. Properly maintained reports present a clear picture of all the transactions made by you or any third party.

Here is the case of an Affiliate. An affiliate, apparently, look for all the details related to the buyer’s activity and of the program as well.

As soon as you start advertising your products on Amazon India, you also get access to the reporting tools. The reporting tools show you how much revenue was generated from your advertisements.

You even got to know how many people are buying the products you are selling.

When I talk about linking tools, it means you can capture them directly from Amazon’s page which you are viewing.

When you have to promote a product, you just have to use the site stripe toolbar. Using this toolbar you will be able to get a direct link which you can place on your website or post.

You can earn money from all the qualifying purchases. These qualifying purchases basically includes all the items that you did not advertise but you are linked to them.

This way you will be able to make a lot of money on the site, with the help of great currency conversion rates.

6. Who All Are the Competitors of Amazon’s Affiliate Program?

According to me, a review without knowing about the competitors is incomplete.

Here are a few top competitors of Amazon which dominates the Global markets as well as the USA in terms of eCommerce sales:

  1. Target
  2. eBay
  3. Walmart
  4. AliExpress
  5. Wayfair
  6. Hayneedle
  7. Houzz

Well, there are so many other affiliate programs that you check out. They may include Office Max, Best Buy and many others selling or advertising the same products that you may find on Amazon.

I think you should make a portfolio and you can work with multiple programs and see which one works best for you.

7. What Are The Payment Options for Amazon Affiliates?

Amazon Associate Program pays you the advertising fees on monthly basis. That means you might get the payment or the advertising fees of the items sold through your affiliate links in approx. 60 days after the end of each month.

The Associate Program sends you the payments via Cheque at your registered address. They can also deposit your fees directly into your Bank A/c via National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT).

This is to inform you that, if you are being paid via NEFT, the Associate Program will not send you the payment until you meet the minimum threshold of Rs 1000.

If you are paid via Cheque, Amazon will not send you the payment until the total amount due is at least Rs 2500.

8. Amazon Associate Program Review- Whether You Should Join Or Not?

Well, after going through all the points necessary to know about the Amazon Associate Program, I want to tell you that why I choose Amazon Associate Program Review.

  • We all know that Amazon was a late entrant still, Amazon grows as a brand in India with each passing year, the affiliate links that promoted Amazon’s products generated more and more conversions.
  • If we talk about the commission rates then Amazon offers higher commission rates. Even the whole of the commission structure is better than that of other affiliate programs.
  • Amazon Associate’s daily reports are well sorted which is extremely important for tracking purposes.
  • Amazon has build trust in Indian Affiliates, in a short span of time. The Indian Affiliates earn commissions on the basis of only those conversions that are not cancelled. This built trust among the affiliates that the report is not misleading.

This is for your information that you should go for other Affiliate Programs as well so that you can make a choice which one will work better for you.

There are other ways of earning passive income as well. You just need to analyze and grab the opportunities that come your way.

Please go through our other posts as well pertaining to Amazon’s marketing process.

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I hope Amazon Associate Program Review proved to be of great help in choosing the best affiliate program for your business.

So, now query time. Please post your query on or by filling the FORM.

Now you can also leave a comment below related to the above post.

All the best!

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