Things You Get Inside Google Office-The Coolest Office Ever!

Things You Get Inside Google Office-The Coolest Office Ever!

Things You Get Inside Google Office- The Coolest Office Ever!

Things you get inside google office

Let us have a look, what all Things You Get Inside Google Office-The Coolest Office Ever!

I hope you can imagine what it is about? Yes, this is Google Office.

We are here to tell you what all things you get inside Google office-the coolest office ever!. You might have done internship from Google. It was the coolest experience ever, visiting Google Office. I must say “Hats-Off” to the architectural paradigm that Google has. It is the coolest Office ever in the history of Real-Estate commercials.

Though “Funky” offices are not new in the world of technology. the scale and the size of the Google Campus still make it more unique.

The Hollywood film that was later dubbed an unofficial advertisement for the Google’s work culture amply showed what is inside one of the world’s top technology companies. Still, seeing the campus in personal in itself is a different experience, because it is indeed a campus with a difference.

We all know that almost all high tech companies follow a different work culture. They offer free food and an environment that lets the geeks do other kinds of stuff as well. Whether it is related to doing laundry in the working hours say at 2 pm on a working day. Or it may be a preparation of project presentation after a refreshing swim in the office pool.

But, still, Google is one of the early pioneers of this kind of work culture. There no office timings followed and directly or indirectly, there is no separation of office from home. Still, you will be amazed on seeing, how regular the Google office feels.

Google, an office that earns amazingly $ 100 billion, it is surprisingly friendly.


Architecture at Google Office

Let us have a look at the architectural part that has made Google Office beyond imagination.

Google consists of four buildings in the whole campus—Building 41, Building 42, Building 43, Building 44. These buildings are low-rise and not some towering mass of stones and metal.

There is pretty high security in The Google Office and rooms are also access controlled, but, if you have the key, you will be open to most of the areas.

There are no security guards or no top secret protocols applied and as a visitor also, you will be at ease and welcomed.

Inside Google Headquarters,  things you get inside Google office-the coolest office ever- are

Free food

Myriad colors and

Considered as world’s best Tech Offices.

Let us have a look!

Things you get inside google officeThings you get inside google office

Things you get inside google office

But, before we dig it, we would like to introduce you to Google.


History Of Google

There were times when Larry Page and Sergey Brin, used to be the Ph.D. students at Stanford University in California. They developed a Search Engine- initially it was named as “BackRub”, in the year 1996. As an expanding successful search engine, the company moved several times, finally settling at Mountain View in 2003.

Soon in 1998, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, launched The Google Company, to market Google Search. It has become the most widely used Web-Based Search Engine (The name Google is the variant of Googol, which means very large numbers).

This marked a phase of rapid growth, with the company making its initial public offering in 2004 and quickly becoming one of the world’s largest media companies.

The company Google launched

Google News in 2002
Gmail in 2004
Google Maps in 2005
Google Chrome in 2008
and, Google+ in 2011, known as The Social Network


In 2015, Google became the main subsidiary of the holding company, Alphabet Inc.

In order to combat Search Engine Optimization abuse, Google went through numerous updates as well as provide dynamic updating of products, made the indexing system rapid and flexible.

After the search result started to be personalized in the year 2005, Google Suggest Auto-completion was introduced.

Google has partnerships with

Sun Microsystems
News Corporation
Sky UK and many more… was a charitable offshoot. It was set up in the year, 2005. But Google was involved in a legal dispute in the year 2006, in the US over a court order to disclose URLs as well as search strings. Google has been subjected to tax avoidance investigations in the UK.

We have already told you how Google works and what are the Latest Google Algorithm Updates and AI 2018 in our previous article.


Inside Google Headquarters

Things You Get Inside Google Office- The Coolest Office Ever!

Things you get inside google office

Here are some of the coolest things that you can enjoy being a Google Employee. Let’s take a tour of it!

#1  The Food

The first and foremost things you get inside Google office- the coolest office ever is The Food.

Yes, of course,  you need to have good food in order to run a search engine like Google, along with providing internet related services and products.

Google has taken full care of its employees by making sure that they are well-fed.

In the middle of the four buildings, there is an outdoor café. If we look at this technically then it’s just a sitting place with tables and chairs, so that the employees can grab the free food from the nearest café and sit here.

Well, there is lots more free food in the Google Campus. Google has made sure that no employee is ever 150 feet away from the food source. Google campus is also provided with mini kitchens, in case you want to cook a healthy gourmet meal for yourself.

These are tastefully stacked with roasted seaweed, organic and seasonal fruits, dried fruits, leafy greens, multi-grain baked eatables, low-fat trail mix, latte machines, assortments of white and dark chocolates and a lot more.

Things you get inside google office


#2  Google Subsidized Massage Parlour

Yeah! It sounds pretty cool when we hear “Massage Parlour”. It is as fancy as it sounds! This is really amazing, I mean who would not like to be pampered. So guys, if you are a Google employee and your job is stressing you out, here Google has an option.

Feel free to subscribe to Google’s Subsidized Massage Program, in just a nominal fee. It is a place where you will be attended by a trained and licensed massage therapist, in one of the private rooms.

Things you get inside google office

Things you get inside google office

The massage rooms at Google are the only place, that has opaque windows, apart from Bathrooms.

#3  The 80/20 Rule

The 80/20 rule of Google is highly appreciable. Google welcomes new innovations, just as much as it appreciates the growth of individuals, who are responsible for it. In order to keep the brain gears of the employees in a moving condition 80/20 rule serves as an oil to them.

Google instructs its employees to take 20 percent of their working hours, so that, the geeks are able to work on personal projects- that means anything that they are passionate about.

We can notice that many small features in Gmail today are the result of the ideas that Google employees came up with, during their “20 percent time”, the examples can be Google News and Google ShuttleThings you get inside google office


#4  The Google Death Policy

“One of the things we realized recently was that one of the harshest but most reliable facts of life is that at some point most of us will be confronted with the death of our partners,” Laszlo Bock, Senior VP, People Operations at Google told Forbes,

“And it’s a horrible, difficult time no matter what, and every time we went through this as a company we tried to find ways to help the surviving spouse of the Googler who’d passed away.”

Google has something very strange and heart-felting policy about Death. If you meet any accident or mishappening which ends your life while working at Google, then your spouse will get half of your salary for the next 10 years, along with the life insurance payout.

And this is not enough, if you own any stocks with Google, it will be vested immediately to your spouse, who definitely will get an additional $1000 if you have any issue, till the time they turn 19 or 23 if in case they are pursuing full-time studies.

Things you get inside google office


#5  Access to Google’s yet-to-be-launched products

If you are a Google employee, then you are eligible to test all the products and services that Google is about to launch in the near future.

Yes, if Google is to launch any product, so, as a Google employee you get leverage to access all the products. That completely means you can touch, use or probably own the fancy Google yet-to-be launch products by now.

May it be fancy Google Glass or smart contact lenses that monitor blood sugars or Google Sky that can be launched on your phone and pointed towards the sky and much more, as the list is really endless and can go forever.

Things you get inside google office


#6  The Google Shuttle and GFleet

Google is environment-friendly. They believe in “commuting sustainably” that means, Google not only save the environment by providing biodiesel shuttles for the employees. These shuttles not only facilitate pick up from their houses and drop to the Google office, but they also cut costs.

The question is what is new about this? As in India, there are many companies, which provides, shuttles or cabs for pick and drop of their employees.

Google kept thousands of its employees out of their car’s driver seat. It has managed to keep around 71 billion vehicles off the road annually, which results in 20,000 metric ton less in CO2 produced.

You can have a look at the Google Bio-diesel shuttle:

Things you get inside google office

In addition to this, for traveling on-campus Google provides a low-carbon transportation with electric rechargeable cars, which are made up of “Chevrolet Volts, Nissan LEAFs, Mitsubishi iMiEVs, Ford Focus Electrics, and a Honda Fit EV,” as per their website.

Things you get inside google office


#7  Referral Bonus

If you find a Google Employee, who is just thinking about leaving Google Office soon. Here is a good news, you go to Google Management and tell them about the friend, who is going to leave, in order to get a Referral Bonus of $2000.

Things you get inside google office


#8  Lava Lamp Purchase

You will be surprised to know that, Google gives $1500 to its employees, for mandatorily purchasing of Lava Lamps. That’s true, we are not kidding!

Things you get inside google office


#9  Environment-Friendly Google

Google office is famous for its unique ideas. We have found something unique about Google again.

At Google office, instead of using Lawn cutters or Lawnmowers to move down their lawn, they have decided to go low cost, low carbon emitting, go less noise, by hiring a herd of goats who can graze the grassy fields and keep a check on weeds as well.

According to the employees at Google, another reason to hire goats on premises is that “they are cuter to watch than lawn mowers”.

Things you get inside google office


#10  Bye-Bye to boring cubicles


Now working at Google you can say goodbye to boring cubicles.

Yes! Google’s different thinking about different work environment believes that there should be open spaces in the offices, where everyone is accessible to everyone. Just like this!

Image result for Google office

Think of something like this, a customizable workstation or a wonderful cubicle.

Image result for Google office

If you still thinking of something more interesting, use this as well.

Image result for google office

I know you want a lot more, because “yeh dil mange more”, then you can choose this if you are more fun-loving along with working for Google.

Related image

And this is not an end to Customizable Workstations!


#11  Google’s Lap Pools

Google has saved a lot more space on the campus, by providing numerous Lap Pools. They work as swimming pools.

Lap pools are as big as a lap. In Lap Pools water flows from the opposite direction of the swimmer and the speed of the water flow can be adjusted. Apart from this there is a lifeguard present all the time for safety.

Image result for Google office- lap pools


#12  Google Pet Day

What? Google’s Pet Day?….No there is no Google Pets Day in particular, but every day is “Take your Pet to work” day at Google office.

If you are afraid of leaving your pet alone at home while you are away at Google Office, so you don’t have to worry, because Google is “Pet-Friendly”.

Google not being position discriminator, has given leverage to all the employees from senior position to the lower staff, subject to the behavior of the pet.

Rather, Google is an animal discriminator. Google says- We like cats, but we’re a dog company, so as a general rule we feel cats visiting our offices would be fairly stressed out.

Image result for Google office- pet day


#13  New Born Benefits

Employees who turn parents receive benefits of $500 for their baby’s food and nutrition. So, it’s a good news for mommies not to worry, as Google shows its responsibility also.

Related image

#14  The Lala Library

If you’re the bibliophile kind, Google Office provides you with every book-lovers dream. ‘The Lala Library’  is equipped with round long snug sofa, along with the artsy cushions, surrounded by all kind of books for you to pick up and spend time on.

Image result for Google office- library


#15  The Game Zone

Tired of working in the office, then you have a lot more on the campus. Google being a technical office provides you with certain Zones where you can actually “Play”, all kinds of games.

Image result for Google office- game room

Related image

Image result for Google office-

Image result for Google office-

And a lot more….unable to share all the pics because they are endless and just wwwoooowwwww!!!!!!


#16  Warm Welcome

If you are a recent college graduate, joining Google, you will be given a warm welcome through Google’s Social Event which is called as – “New Employee Orientation and Arranged Virginity-Loss Night.”


Image result for Google office-party


A Bonus Video!

Please have a look!


Here is something for you that will re-energize to work at Google Office.

There are a lot more cool about the Things You Get Inside Google Office- The Coolest Office Ever!

Above we have introduced you to the things that you can get in Google Office as an employee.

We hope you have enjoyed this session to the fullest. Stay tuned we will be back with something new and more interesting for you.

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