4 steps to create an extraordinary social media marketing strategies now.

4 steps to create an extraordinary social media marketing strategies now.

Social Media Marketing Strategies

To build a brand there are so many goals that we need to focus on like how people are reaching you, engagement, traffic, form fill up and subscribers. And for this, we need to implement social media strategies which are a real challenge. There’s also a challenge to make sure your social media working in the way your company wants.

So here’s how you can set insights on for this year.

Today, I will share a framework to make sure that your social media is working for you and is in the right direction. Here you will find new ways to improve your goals regarding social media strategy. You can also share your thoughts on this topic and can even share your own plan for social media strategy.

Let’s get started

Step 1: Set your social media goals associated with your company goals

On the very first step, zoom out and look at the big picture. Focus on how social media can impact your whole business or brand? Draw a prototype of company goals and try to fix it with the social media goals.

You can build relationships with influencers and find the target audience. You can also boost or promote your branded content that drives to the top of your growth in the market.

You can even run social media campaigns to drive targeted traffic. This will help in raising awareness around and drive high and quality engagement. In order to achieve goals, you are building an influencer excel strategy.

Here a few ideas for social media goals if you cannot do the above. But I am sure this one will help.

  • Increase awareness: You can promote your posts, ask for comments and share. You can also ask the audience to retweet and get new ideas.
  • Drive traffic to your website: When you post your blog to social media then the clicks on your social media posts generate the traffic. Referral traffic from social media and even by doing off-page SEO drives your traffic.
  • Research and target your customers: Talk to them what they want, listen to their thoughts and ask them to give you feedback. Improve your skills from that feedback and this way you will get engaging traffic.


Step 2: Take action by breaking down your goals

Once your social media has been set up, now your reach is one step further. You have to accomplish your goals by breaking them and set specific goals. Choose around 50 or the number that you want influencers related to your brand. Ask them to do a partnership with you.


  • For this, you can directly message them and contact them for this.
  • When you get an influencer then set up a sponsored post every month.


But not to go into much detail. You can do this and can see the overall traffic.

Step 3: Assign tasks and set deadlines.

Once you set specific goals now you have to do two things importantly.


  • Assign Tasks: Who will work in the particular field and make them responsible for that. For example, if you need to design any form then give it designer but content should be in the hand of the content writer.
  • Set deadlines: Tell them to complete the work at a particular time. Then only your work will be completed on time.

For example: If you have given to write an article to a writer then fix a particular time and date to complete. This strategy will help you in managing your other affairs.

Step 4: Analyse and then implement the plan.

Last but not the least. After you have assigned the work and set up your plan. It is important to analyze it and if not then make adjustments. It is super important to make changes if something doesn’t feel right.

If you find something new and interesting to the previous one then make changes. Take the plan as you are implementing it on your own self this way you can analyze it better. Your strategy will tell the way you think. So, before implementing double check it.

I summed it up to give you short information that you can implement easily and will also work for future reference.

Let me know if you are facing any problem just fill this form and I will get back to you soon.

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Dhairya Singh Chauhan

Digital Dhairya

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Dhairya Singh Chauhan is a Google certified professional who has achieved hundreds of number one rankings over the past 5-years. Dhairya has consulted countless clients on SEO and how to make money online, from small family-owned businesses to international brands.

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