SEO – Search Engine Optimization process

SEO – Search Engine Optimization process

Hi all, we all know that SEO is Search Engine Optimization. Well, apart from this full form the first question is “what do we know about SEO and/or what is SEO?”.

Now, look at a very easy omgomg onion rutor and simple definition of SEO “It is the process of getting traffic from Organic, Free, Editorial or Natural” search results on search engines.

And how does it work?

We can make it out as, all major search engines for eg., Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. have their primary search results, wherein web pages, as well as other contents like videos, pics, or some other local listings, are shown, and then they(search engines)  ranked these according to what is relevant to the public or users.

There are basically four processes of SEO. So, the four basic levels of SEO that we are going to cover today that is: Crawling, Indexing, Ranking, Retrieving

Let’s get started:


In easy words, Crawling is the process through which the search engines, say, Google, discover updated content on the web, for eg., we can say new pages or dead links or new sites etc.

For doing this, the search engines use some programs which are called as “crawls” or “bot” or “spiders” etc.  which follows some process or an algorithmic process that decides which site to crawl.

We can take a very good example of Googlebot- a Google robot that visits websites to understand the topic of the website. It is the choice of the website developer whether they want to invite Google to their website or not.


The second basic process of SEO is Indexing. Once the search engines follow the process of Crawling on websites, they put together the massive index of all the words they can see and see the location of these on all the pages.  Well, these pages are the database of billions of pages.

The information which has been extracted is then stored and search engines then interpreted this information by the algorithm they follow to measure the importance of the stored information.

Now all the servers around the world allow users to access these pages. But their storage and sorting take lot of spaces, which Microsoft and Google have millions of servers.


In SEO, the process of Ranking is most concerned and it plays an important role.

As when a keyword is entered in the search box, search engines, will look for all the pages related to the keyword entered. These search engines then rank the pages according to the relevance of the keyword or which is closest to the keyword. Then a score is assigned to the pages based on an algorithm which the search engines follow, which consists of hundreds of different ranking signals. These pages will be shown to the users based on these ranks.

So if you want your page or site rank well, you have to make sure that the search engines able to crawl and index your website correctly, unless it will be difficult for the search engines to rank your content properly on the search result page.


SEO that is Search Engine Optimization is built on the foundation of information architecture and information retrieval. The Information retrievals systems utilize a combination of web crawlers, index generators and ranking servers for collecting the data which is parsed, structured and archived.

As the search engines are able to predict the client’s intentions, its priority is to retrieve a pool of documents that are relevant to the keyword. It is basically a very complicated and typical process that spans many different servers. The basic way to do this is to retrieve a list of all the documents that exist and contain all the keywords and look for the relevant information or information which match the concept.

After all this process is done then the search engines look for the alternatives to the process so that better can serve to the user or client.

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