Practical steps for planning a website

Practical steps for planning a website

Before starting and taking innovative plans to boost your brand on social media. I think my first step should be to tell you how to plan a website. Planning a website is not a difficult task if you already have that vision. But if you haven’t decided the topic that interests you then it’s a real challenge. It’s important what you are telling the customers and defines the goals to the target audience. Within few minutes and number of clicks, you can design a great website. But to implement a smart website you need a planning.

To help ensure you that you don’t miss the points that are important to keep in mind. Here I am listing some of the points on which website should be designed. The objective to design it should be clear to you and you design it in a proper way.

Let’s get started.

Identifying objective of the website: 

To do something it is important that you set the purpose of designing the website. The goal should be clear from your website which will be a niche. If you design a website which is talking about Digital Marketing so, you should know that you can’t mix it up with some other content. So, choose one topic on which you can design your website. You can even set some targets by planning like how many clicks you can get if you poll content or something like that.

You should make a rough idea of the number of clicks, visitors, and even the sign-up newsletters etc. This way you can ensure that your purpose is useful which is not only for others but also providing you good tactics to learn.

Deciding the number of pages required:

When you planned that you want to make a website on this particular topic then it is essential that you should know how many pages you required. For example, if you are making a Digital Marketing website, you can make a page of marketing blogs, next one of courses, home, and some more pages that define the niche of your website.

It is not important to fill the website unnecessarily but to give the valuable resources to everyone. This way you can target the audience and aware people objectively by deciding what all features you are including on the website.

Creating a blueprint for every page:

The importance of good website designing is as crucial as you think. If your website has no purpose to serve and looks ugly then it will not get engagement. It will drive away visitors and you will face really a difficult problem. So mark these key points while creating a prototype of the website.

  1. Make your navigation easy to understand and accessible. It should be easy for users to understand what you are writing.
  2. Make your website fits the screen.
  3. The website should be light so that it loads easily.
  4. Designing a logo is very important. So, make a company logo and write a tagline.
  5. Keep the website colorful according to your subject.
  6. Put important and concise content don’t use superfluous things.

Adding Content

Content is very important these days because your content is the only one that will keep engagement on the website. So, what type of content you need to put on your website should be concise and clear. Your content can include:


  • Blog posts.
  • Videos
  • Audio
  • Pictures
  • Slideshows

Add plugins:

Add those plugins that are used on your website. For plugins, you can see the article in future. But understand why we need plugins. We need them to do SEO, social media, Google Analytics and many more.

Maintain your website:

Once you have launched your website now it is time to maintain it for future. Designing a website is not a purpose but how to run it is a real challenge. Monitor your analytics to regularly see the traffic. How many people are visiting you, you can check them out from there.

You should assign tasks to the people whom you want to work on your website. Make them responsible for the work whether for posting content or any social media task. Planning a website is something as important as planning something else for your business. Though it will take the time it will give you results in a better way.

Now you are ready to plan a website so don’t wait for anything and start your work.

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In your service,
Dhairya Singh Chauhan

Digital Dhairya

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