16 Great Off-Page SEO Techniques To Build Your Online Reputation

16 Great Off-Page SEO Techniques To Build Your Online Reputation

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As you know we have discussed two types of SEO i.e., On-page and Off-Page SEO.

In our last article, we have learned 16 On-page Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) techniques.

This article is totally based on Off-page SEO. We are going to know about Off-Page SEO techniques.

So guys, like On-page SEO techniques, we are going to tell you 16 Off-Page SEO techniques which are helpful in boosting or creating huge traffic on your website and they are:

  1. Social Media Platforms
  2. Forum
  3. Social Bookmarking
  4. Article Sharing
  5. Directory Submission
  6. Question and Answer Platform
  7. Video Marketing
  8. Blogging
  9. Document Sharing
  10. Commenting
  11. Competitor’s Backlink
  12. Web(2.0)
  13. Link Baiting
  14. Business Reviews
  15. Sharing Of Image
  16. Create Autopilot Content

Let us start!

Social Media Platforms:

Social Media as an Off-page SEO technique, plays a great role these days for marketing your website, it helps in building trust and authority of your website.

Google also likes Social Media involvement on your website in order to rank high on search engines.

Social Media Platforms such as



Linked In


Google Plus

Pinterest, etc

Are some of the social media sites, you can log in to these sites and create a profile of your own. Here you are able to make contacts and interact with your friends, colleagues, your known ones or even unknown contacts to share or most importantly promote your website or blogs, so that you are able to build your online reputation.

Forum Marketing And SEO:

This is one of the ways you can use for marketing your brand. You can use Forum Marketing in order to promote your website and is a part of Search Engine Optimisation(SEO).

Try to use “Do-follow” Forums, so that you can use links to your website or on your website within your signature. It may help in crawling search engines on your website.

Find forums that are related to your website, this will help you in building the reputation of your website, as and when you will answer the questions, it will lead to expertise.

Social Bookmarking:

Social Bookmarking in SEO is again a good Off-page SEO technique to promote your website because Search Engines like to visit these types of Social Bookmarking sites, the reason is that the content on these websites is updated on regular basis.

Social bookmarking sites are may be:



Digg, etc

Social Bookmarking advantage is that you can submit your latest posts or blogs on these sites and build a reputation of your website.

Article Sharing:

Whenever you write an article yourself, you can submit or share the article on the sites such as Go Articles, which is an Article sharing Platform. Apart from these, you can do article sharing on Facebook as well as on other social media channels etc. Below we are giving some article sharing sites list:

Now Public


Your Story etc,

You can use the above article sharing sites as Off-page SEO technique in order to create a good reputation and promotion of your website. In the meanwhile, you can also get some links to your website, from others as well.

Directory Submission:

As directory submission gives delayed results, though we suggest Directory Submission as an Off-page SEO technique which is considered to be one of the ways to promote your website and build a good reputation for your website.

People these days don’t prefer it, but on a personal basis, we recommend it to you, as it increases the likely hood of people seeing and visiting your website.

Question and Answer Platform:

Answering the relevant questions related to your website niche and also asking questions about the website content on the sites say “Yahoo Answers or Quora”.

This will help you to build the reputation of your website and in the meanwhile, you can promote your website also, by getting experts answers and also by answering the questions you know.

You can add a link to your website so that, it will become easy for people to visit your website.

Video Marketing:

You can upload and share videos, related to your website on various video marketing sites such as “Youtube or Vimeo” etc. This will help you in the promotion of your website.

At the same time, you are sending a message to the people to visit the site and read the content they may be interested in. In this way, you are interacting more and more with your audience and building a reputation.

Blogging As Off-Page SEO Technique:

Blogging in SEO is one of the best off-page SEO technique to promote your website. If you are writing blogs and keep them posted, then you are inviting more and more people to visit your website.

It basically helps the search engines to crawl your website frequently, which may help you to rank high on search engine result page.

You need to create and include more and more blogs on regular basis to keep your website updated. Here we are listing some of the blogging sites or blogging platforms such as:

How To….Tutorials

Viral Videos



Wix.com, etc.

Remember, you have to be very clear and concise in what you are posting on your website because people do blogging for money as well.

Document Sharing:

Document sharing in SEO is also an Off-Page SEO technique, which may help you in creating a reputation for your website.

You can share your documents on the document sharing sites for SEO such as Slideshare etc., where you can upload your article in the form of ppt or pdf file.

You can use “do-follow” backlinks also, to increase the visibility of your website.


Commenting is also a good technique and a very good practice for Off-page SEO.

There are so many benefits of Blog commenting in SEO as well as Forum commenting in SEO, first and foremost is that you can analyze, what kind of questions people are asking and are interested in.

You can submit your comments and let people know about you and your blogs as well as your website.

Competitor’s Backlink:

You can use competitors backlinks by using various tools, as, Moz or Semrush. The benefit of using these sites is that you may get an idea, that from where your competitors are getting backlinks to promote the website.

In other words, you can steal competitors backlinks, so that, you can also promote your website’s content.

Web 2.0 (PBN)

You can use various web 2.0 platforms where you can create your free blogs and link back your website or your main blogs. Some of the Web 2.0 platforms are:



Weebly, etc.

Link Baiting:

Link baiting is another way to promote your website. Create a good or unique post on your website and let other people link to it.

If you have copied other site’s content on your site, then don’t forget to give their site’s reference.  Do it for others, if your content is trustworthy, or let others do it for you.

This is again a popular way to increase your link popularity.

Business Reviews:

Writing Business Reviews in SEO is again a good technique to promote your website and build the reputation.

Write reviews of other’s business or you can ask your known people to write reviews of your business on various business review sites, such as


Stylefeeder, etc.

Sharing Of Image:

You can share the images of your own. If you have used any of your photo or images, on the image sharing sites, such as


Photo Bucket

Flickr, etc.

This will help you in creating the interest of people and will persuade them to visit your website, and maybe they will follow the link to your website. This may help in building reputation or promotion of your website.

Create Auto Pilot Content:

Last but not the least, as we all know, in the whole digital marketing program, content is the “King”.

Create a unique content that can create backlinks to your website and social shares on autopilot.

Some content formats are:


List Posts


Quiz, etc.

You can use BuzzSumo, to find the most shared articles on the web. This may help you in knowing, as to what kind or type of content is getting maximum shares.

Here we have discussed 16 Off-Page SEO techniques and 16 On-page SEO techniques, which is an ultimate guide to build a reputation and promote your website.


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