Keyword Research – The Most Important Step of SEO

Keyword Research – The Most Important Step of SEO

Keyword Research – The Most Important Step of SEO

Keyword research is the most important step of every SEO project because of the following reasons:

  1. If you rank your site highly for the wrong keywords, you will end up soon all your time money and effort are waste and you will not get the targeted traffic to your omg rutor onion site.
  2. If you haven’t researched the competitiveness of your keywords, you¬†can end up investing lots of time and effort into a particular keyword, only to find it is for to competitive to rank, even on the first page.¬†

These two pitfalls are often the ultimate decider of how successful and SEO projects is.

In this blog, we will learn how to avoid these pitfalls and how to find best keywords for your business.

First, we have to understand what are keywords.

Keyword Research Meaning

If you are new to SEO, then you are thinking what are keywords?

A keyword is a phrase you would like to rank for in Google’s search results.

A keyword is a word which or a keyword is a combination of words. If you are trying to rank with a single keyword then it is extremely hard to rank on google.

There are different kinds of keywords, let’s understand some of the keywords which are best for SEO:

  • Head-term keywords: keywords with one to two words, for example, Digital Marketing.
  • Long-tail keywords:¬†Keywords with three or more phrases, for example, Digital marketing in Delhi.
  • Navigational keywords:¬†keyword use to locate a particular brand or website. for example would be on Instagram, Google Plus, YouTube or Facebook
  • Informational keywords: Keywords used to discover on a particular topic these¬†keywords starts with “How to…” or “What are the…”
  • Transactional keywords:¬†Keywords entered into Google by the customer to buy some products, for example, Buy shoes online.

In most of the cases, targeting Head-term keywords and navigational keywords for other brands is competitive and not worth the time or effort. Despite their high traffic numbers, they will generally not lead to any sales. On the other hand, long-tail, informational, and transactional keywords are good keywords for most SEO projects. They will lead to more customers.

How To Generate a Massive List of Keywords

 Before you started first find keyword research with loads of traffic in Google, you must first develop a list of potential keywords related to your business. 

If you spend your time to cast too wide a net, then you will end up soon because there are so many irrelevant keywords which are not related to your business, only target those keywords which are related to your business.

For example: If you are an online shoe retailer in the united states, relevant keyword examples might be:

Buy shoes

Buy shoes online

Online shoes store in USA

Irrelevant keywords might be:

Shoe photos

How to make your own shoes

Shoe manufacture

How to design shoes

You can see how the first pool of keywords are more relevant to the target audience of online shoe retailers and the second pool of keywords are related but unlikely to lead to customers.

Keep relevant keywords in mind, you must develop a list of potential keywords combinations to use as a resource, so you can then go and uncover the best keywords with a decent amount of traffic each month in Google.

There are some powerful strategies you can use to help with generating this list.

  • Keyword Research Competitor Analysis

If you’re feeling sneaky, let do your competitors heavy lifting for you and snatch up keywords from their sites.

There are many tools on the market to stell the keywords. A simple and free tool is SEO Book Keyword Analyzer. If you enter a page into tool within a second it shows a list of the keywords your competitor has optimized into their page. You can use this to bulk out your keyword list.

While the SEO Book Keyword Analyzer is a great, simple tool for revealing the keywords your competitors have optimized the page, there is another powerful tool is SEMrush’s domain analytics organic research tool.

This tool estimates the keywords that are sending the largest amount of traffic to your competitors’ websites. The estimates are reasonably accurate and can be a valuable resource for building out keywords list.

While SEMrush’s insights are powerful, they do come at a cost. You can preview the first 10- keywords for free, but if you want more data its plans start at $ 69.95 per month for pro users.

  • Brainstorm Your Own Master List

Assuming competitors have been through with their research isn’t always the best strategy. By brainstorming combinations of keywords, you can generate a giant list of potential keywords.

To do this, sketch out a grid of words target customer might use. split the words into different prefixes and suffixes. Next up, combine them into one giant list using the free mergewords tool. With this strategy, you can quickly and easily build up a massive list of relevant keywords.



– where do I buy

Middle word

РRBK jerseys 

РRBK uniforms 

– RBK jackets


– online

Combined keywords

– RBK jerseys

– RBK jerseys online

– RBK uniforms

РRBK uniforms online 

– RBK jackets

– RBK jackets online

РBuy RBK jerseys

РBuy RBK jerseys online

РBuy RBK uniforms

РBuy RBK uniforms online

РBuy RBK jackets

РBuy RBK jackets online

Рwhere do I buy RBK jerseys

Рwhere do I buy jerseys online

Рwhere do I buy uniforms

Рwhere do I buy uniforms online

Рwhere do I buy jackets

Рwhere do I buy jackets online

– RBK jerseys

РRBK jerseys online

РRBK uniforms

РRBK uniforms online

– RBK jackets

РRBK jackets online

How to find a keyword that will send traffic to your site

Now, you have a catalog of keywords, you have to see how much traffic these keywords receive on Google. Without search traffic data, you cannot get the right keywords. So, it is important to have the right knowledge of keywords from which you can get hundreds and even thousands of potential visitors every month.

But, recently Google has restricted access to the data behind Google search box. And now, we have only two options for finding keyword and to generate traffic.

Keyword Research Tool

The first method is easy if you have already accessed it and that is Adwords Campaign that is running with Google. But, if you haven’t then the second method is to use a keyword research tool or we can say keyword suggestion tool, such as

  1. Estimating keyword traffic data with keyword research planner tool

To receive traffic, you need an active Adwords campaign running but for this, you need to spend some amount of money if you want to keep it on a regular basis. You can follow these steps:

Keyword Research Steps

  • Sign-in from your Id.
  • Click on tools in the top menu.
  • Then click on the Keyword Planner under the Keyword Planning tool.
  • You will get a box where you will type the keyword in the Find New Keyword box.
  • Write the keyword that you need to research and get started.
  • And then according to your requirements, you can change the location and language.

When you finished, you will have the exact amount of time each keyword was searched on Google. And there you will get to know the keyword research and strategy with keyword planner and which keyword receive more searches.

If you want to know more about keyword Research then also read this article.

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