Keyword Research Process Of SEO – Beginner’s Guide

Keyword Research Process Of SEO – Beginner’s Guide

Keyword Research Process

Last time we have discussed the process of SEO. But this time we are going to talk more about SEO. So let’s start with the insides of SEO.

Today we will talk about the Keyword Research Process. So, what can be the basic questions that may appear in somebody’s mind?

  1. What is a keyword?
  2. What is Keyword Research?
  3. Types of Keywords?
  4. What are the various sources of Keyword Research?

First and foremost, we will discuss “What does a keyword mean in SEO?” A Keyword is a word or searches term or phrase which the users search to find specific information or information related to your business or to find your business on Search Engines.

In other words, it all begins with the words that are typed in the search box of the Search Engine. Now, let’s go to the next question and that is “What does the Keyword Research mean?”

Keyword Research is a process of collecting and finding profitable keywords for your business in order to rank fast and #1 on Search Engine

Before jumping to the next question, we are going to tell you some more about the SEO.

Niche Topics

Here you will get to know about Niche Topics and how can you find Niche Topics?

A Niche Topic is the topic that your target customers may be interested in. It is not a specific topic or word but a broad topic. It is the best idea to find out more on new keywords.

For Ex: The topic is “Bats”

So, new keywords can be

  1. Best cricket bats
  2. Sachin Tendulkar bats online?
  3. How to choose best bats for playing cricket?
  4. Where Virat Kohli purchase bats to play cricket? Etc., are some of the Niche Topics examples.

Buyer Persona

The buyer persona is a super simple way to identify topics that your potential customers searching for.

For Ex: Gender, age, hobbies, interests, pain points, and solving pain points.

These two topics which we have discussed above are some of the inside topics which no digital marketing institute will tell you. Now we can move on to the next question and that is “what are the types of Keywords?”

There are basically three types of Keywords and that is:

  1. Head or Generic Keywords
  2. Body or Broad Match Keywords
  3. Tail Keywords(Long-tail keyword)

Head or Generic Keywords

Generic keywords in SEO are basically single word keyword with crazy amounts of search volume and competition.

For Ex: Digital, Insurance, Cricket etc.

Because search intent is all over the place. Say, someone, searching for “Digital” might be looking for a “Digital Camera” or maybe a list of “brands” or the “definition of Digital”.

Generic terms or keywords are usually tough to pursue, as we need the good promotional budget to pursue them. So we basically intend to avoid these keywords.

Body or Broad Match Keywords

These are usually the core of SEO, as these terms provide good opportunities and strong engagement in comparison to Generic terms. In simple terms two or three phrases that get decent research volume at least 2000 searches per month.

Broad match searchers may have less competition and may get good traffic on the terms they have used for their searches. This may lead to an average amount of conversions.

Some of the Broad Match Keyword examples are: “Digital Marketing Course” or “White Sports Shoes” etc.

Body or Broad Match keywords are highly recommended due to moderate or low competition and average conversions, which tells that your site will definitely do pretty well.

Long Tail Keyword

Last but not the least is Long Tail Keyword. In simple words, any keyword which is more than four words or phrases which are very specific is Long Tail Keywords. These keywords are basically long meaningful sentences that are used for searches.

These keywords may not be able to provide you heavy or good traffic in comparison to Broad Match keywords but they can give moderate traffic as the competition is low, and also in comparison to Generic or Broad Match Keywords, the conversion rate is higher for these keywords.

From the Adwords point of view, these keywords are most affordable.

Here are some of the examples of Long Tail Keywords:

  1. Meaning of Digital Marketing?
  2. What is the course fee for Digital Marketing?
  3. What are the modules of Digital Marketing? Etc.

Sources Of Keyword Research

Guys let come to our last question you might be waiting for and that is “What are the sources of collecting Keywords?”

  1. Google Adwords keyword planner tool
  2. Google autosuggest feature
  3. Forums
  4. Google trends

Google Adwords Keyword Planner tool:

It is a useful resource to find keywords and build a strong keyword list. It helps in running your PPC campaign off to start. Keyword planner tool may help you in bidding off and in budgeting up your campaign. This is a free tool which Google is providing and giving you the platform to search out easily available keywords related to your keyword research. This will help you in lower the keyword competition in the market and may also help you in building a good amount of traffic.

This keyword planner is easy to use, as below we are going to tell you about the procedure to use this tool.

  1. “Login” to Google Adwords(
  2. Click on “Tools”
  3. Select “Keyword Planner”
  4. Type in “Find new Keywords and get search volume data”.

(As you can see in the picture below)

Keyword Research Process

  1. You have so many options when you will reach this window.
  2. Click on the first option which is(search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category)
  3. Now you can enter the keyword you want to. Say under option “your product or service”
  4. Type “Digital marketing course” and fill rest of the options as in Targeting, Customize your search, Date range, etc.
  5. Now click on “Get ideas”
  6. You will be located in a new window, which may seem like below:

Keyword Research Process

It can be seen that we have got around 539 searches for the keyword “Digital Marketing Course”.

You can download all the keywords on the window in an excel sheet. So, guys, this was the Google keyword planner.


Google Autosuggest Feature

Likewise, we can use other sources also as mentioned above. Google autosuggest feature works when you type in some keyword in the Google search box, it will provide you with more keyword options or suggestions. As you can see in the picture shown below as an example:

Keyword Research Process


Forums are also used to search for keywords on Google. You can use it as type in “Keyword”+”Forums”, as shown in the picture below:

Keyword Research Process

 Google Trends

Google Trends! Here the question is “How to use Google Trends for Keyword Research ?” Google Trends is a very useful resource to find keywords for your website. On Google trends you can search for the terms you are thinking of and compare them with other terms in order to know the trends in the market. You can refer the below window that may  show you Google trends:

Keyword Research Process

Keyword Research Process is a free tool or a site, which is provided to you for keyword research. In the above window you can see while you select the keywords in the first column, it will automatically be entered in the next box on the right as you can see in the picture above. When you have selected all the keywords you wanted, you can export the file etc. is a free keyword research website which not only tells you the keyword used by your competitors but also gives you an idea that which keyword is ranked high on search engines. You can use the most highly rated keywords in your content, to rank high on search engines.

Guys we have shown the insides of SEO, as to how you can search keywords through various sources for your website. Please remember there are more resources you can use some of the basics are Quora, Wikipedia etc.


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