Dream Job | How To Get?- A Guide for Job Dreamers!

Dream Job | How To Get?- A Guide for Job Dreamers!

How to get your “Dream Job”?


Dream Job! Doesn’t this seem like as if we are going to write an essay- “my dream job”, “my dream car”, “my dream house” etc. etc…

Yesterday, when I got up in the morning I was wondering, what topic should I take to write an article for my website, and, I said Hip Hip Hurray…. got the topic, it is “How to get a dream job?”

Sometimes, in my dreams, I have seen myself, “piloting an airplane”. But truly, it is a job that I am dreaming.

I sometimes even think, somewhere- somehow, my dream came true, because my husband is a Dornier Pilot, so, he does flying for me.

Most of us have a dream like this:

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I am sure an individual, after opting for Engineering or MBA, dream something like this. Even a lawyer feels that after LLB, he will have a chamber of his own. Even I had a dream job like that. But, it is like making “Castles in the Air”.

Do you think, is that possible every time? The answer to this question is “No”.

Because we are looking for something which is according to our “Comfort Zone”.

For a dream job, we have to leave our comfort in the bed, deep inside the dreams and run.

In this guide, I will help you with exotic tips for achieving a job of your dreams.

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Believe me, it is never too late to pursue our childhood hopes of a dream job.

Tell me how many times you have changed your dreams since childhood. Without any doubt, I have changed it many times. Isn’t it funny!

But now I have got a job of my dream.

Maybe you are wondering Who I am? So, here is a short description or you can say introduction about myself.

I am Heena Garg, Manager-DigitalDhairya and I graduated in the year 2007 in Commerce. Thereafter, I had worked in TIMES the same year, as my result was awaited. I pursue MBA from IIPM. From 2007-2009 I did my MBA in Finance and Marketing. Thereafter, the recession came, and I opt for any kind of job, just to have an experience of working. Then again after teaching for some time in an Institute, I have worked for real estate companies. They were real agents. Since 2010 to 2012, I have worked as PR Manager. Got married thereafter, and, did full time as a House Wife and completed with my M.com.

Again I opt for working in a real estate company and this time I had joined as an Assistant Marketing. But after this job, I had realized, if I can give time to a company which is under-developed to learn something, why I can’t work for myself. Anyway! It was just a thought.

And I thought a lot and joined a Digital Marketing course.

But, in the whole process of getting a job of my dreams, I didn’t get what I wanted. I wanted to be a Finance Officer or Financial Analyst as a “fresher”. But, yeah, I forgot that I didn’t work in a company from my childhood, so, I have no experience.

But, you know what? Every time I opt for any kind of job I had a feeling that I will make my career in that only.

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And it was something like this. So one day I had decided, let’s start writing. And guess who I am now?

Wrong, I am not a writer, I am a Content Writer. I am a Digital Marketer. I didn’t play with digits, but yes, I play with Digital things. Laptops, Pcs, IPad, and let’s sum up Technology. To learn Digital Marketing, you don’t necessarily need to be an Engineer.

For more information about me you can check out my profile on Facebook, or you can follow me on Twitter as well. Can connect with me on LinkedIn.

What Is So Good About Digital Marketing?

With the increase in technology, the demand for professionals and skilled individuals is really high.

Digital marketing jobs are very lucrative, and so the demand for digital marketing professionals or managers also.

Those days are gone when people used to opt for traditional ways of marketing. Just imagine, who watches advertisements on televisions or read the newspaper for ads, or Magazines anymore? This information is all available on the internet.

I am earning for myself, and I am not IIT or IIM Graduate also, but, I am earning well in Digital Marketing.

This is to tell you that, you need to be passionate about something, to get a job of your liking.

What to do?

This question is very difficult to answer. But, I can say that you should Avoid The Mistakes you may be already doing now, in the First place.

It’s a saying-“It’s not a mistake to make a mistake, But it’s a mistake to repeat the same mistake”.

If you are looking for a job in the market, in any field, you should stop doing the mistakes, you may be already doing now.

You should first find, what all methods you are trying to get a job. You might be using some old methods of finding a job of your choice.

We will tell you what all you need to do to get a job of your liking. But, you have to promise that you will follow the tips.

You have to change yourself and your mindset, and that will make a big difference. Firstly, you have to start thinking like a businessman and not like an individual who is looking for a job.


There are a lot of Digital Marketing Institutes in the market, but, a few only can get a good job. I tell you what process they follow:

  1. They create a very nice and charming resume.
  2. Now they will upload their resumes on the job portals
  3. They will speak to the job consultants or recruitment companies, so that, they can suggest some company to hire them and make money for themselves.
  4. Will contact all the references, they can, and send their resumes to them, so that, they can get a job from their reference easily.


Now, what is happening? Resume, Resume and Resume…..NO JOB!

It is a vicious circle of harassing and depressing yourself in the eyes of society.

But, no hard and fast rule, in some, like very rare cases, a lucky individual may get a job through this process.

I am sure, you are doing the same thing again and again, and abusing the consultants and your destiny as well.

But, why people repeat the same thing or way, when they know they are not getting any result out of it? Because they don’t any other way out or they don’t know the right way of getting a job.

Imagine if I launch an iPhone and market it on OLX or Quikr, what do you think, will it work? Simply NO. Imagine how bad it would be!

These job portals send you junk and most irrelevant emails and increase the number of e-mails in your inbox. They will definitely call you for no rhyme and reason and will tell you about amazingly job offers, which sometimes are really insulting ones!

So, guys, first of all, you have to delete your resumes from the most wanted and very attractive job portals, so that, you can breathe in an open air.

Next, what you have to do apart from repeating the same mistakes. Secondly, you have to Change the Perspective of Job or Hiring.

Let us take an example from the past when people used to go far for selling their things, say milk or any other stuff. There were no companies and No HR department.

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Many years back my Grand-maternal uncle used to make bricks and sell them off, if nobody wanted to buy bricks from him, he would have never been in the same business, but he had never called himself a businessman. He might be selling something else, say, Smartphones. And I bet he would have if he could have.

So, it really doesn’t matter that you are doing a job or carrying a business activity, end of the day, you sell a product and a customer pay for it, as simple as that.

So, let’s come back to the present. When we think of a job, we dream of a fixed monthly salary, a boss, a team, a cabin and office work.

But, you should notice, jobs are created because of businesses. And that’s right!

If there is no business, then there will be no company to work for, and no job as well. If a customer won’t anything from you, your business will end up and people will no more remember a boss, his boss, the CEO, all the colleagues etc.

Just remember one thing, “you are the product and your employer is the customer”

Your employer pays you monthly for whatever service you provide to them. That means when you work for him or grow his business by providing your services, he pays you monthly for that, which you call “A Salary”.

Now, when you have developed a mindset, you will delete your resume from the job portals and wait for a call from the HR Department.

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But, again it doesn’t make any sense.


Just remember, startups don’t have HR Department.

A company needs HR Department, only when they are growing and the founder team doesn’t have time to hire. Usually, the company asks HR Department to hire people of low level and for the position which is replaceable.

You actually don’t know that hiring with the help of HR Department is such a disaster. Because they will go via a process of their own, with a narrow mindset and look for the skills that may match with the JD they have mentioned.

If someone has to hire a delivery boy of KFC, I am sure, the founder or CEO of KFC will not hire him or conduct an interview with him. Definitely, they have to go via HR Department, to search for that.

But yes, if KFC wants to hire some Digital Marketing Manager who will create digital marketing campaigns for them and help them grow their business from the scratch, I don’t think they will depend on HR department to make decisions for them.

They will definitely spend millions on the campaigns to grow, rather be depending on the HR department to make their decisions.

On the whole, I wanted to tell you that, HR Department in most of the companies are just hiring people at low levels and your resume will end up like this

Image result for laugh

So, please kill the resume and breakup with HR. I mostly reject or don’t entertain, people calling me from HR Department.

Talk to the High-end Managers directly and the HR will call you only to schedule the meeting with them.

If the CEO or VPs want to hire you, that’s good for you.

Thirdly, I would like to say that, You Have to Market Yourself By Selling Yourself

I have mentioned earlier also, you are an employee (A Product) and your employer (A Customer) buys you.

See, I should give you an example. If you want to a Digital Marketing Job as a dream job, you have to be a Digital Marketing Expert. You should know each and everything about Digital Marketing from various sources. There are free online and offline courses as well apart from the Digital Marketing Institutes in the market, that grabs a lot of money.

We in DigitalDhairya also provides a free offline  Digital Marketing Course and will hire these students as well, so that, they can get their dream job of becoming a Digital Marketer.

Employers usually hire for their ability to bring results, not because you are the brilliant of all. They don’t need brilliant people, they need people who are expert in their job and can meet requirements of the company.

They don’t hire to enhance their knowledge because you can get knowledge from GOOGLE and Wikipedia, these days and in less than a minute. Companies will hire you if you can show them that you can give ultimate results to them. Whether you can help them grow their business.

The whole thing is that you have to get in touch with the Key Decision Makers. First of all, you should know 100 companies you dream of working with whether in the same city or multiple cities. The next step you have to do is, try to get the details like name or contact details of the key decision makers in these companies.

In Digital Marketing Jobs, usually the Key Decision Makers are:




Head Of Digital Marketing

Head of Sales and Marketing

VP of Marketing

VP of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Manager etc.

Now, these are your Key Decision Makers and you have to reach them anyhow. You can ask someone to refer yourself or you can try some Digital Marketing Methods to reach them and they are:




Seminars related to Digital Marketing

In person at their office

Fax etc.

It will definitely work. A business card will help you get an Email ID and you can contact him that way.

But again you have to use a correct way of Emailing him, so that, he cannot reject you.

Just imagine you are sending him to resume, and there are two emails addressing with the subject line:

  1. Looking for a job in your company as a Digital Marketer
  2. How you can invite huge traffic on your website-abcd.com via Digital Marketing


I hope you have understood that the second option will definitely work and not the first one. If you will opt the first option, it will be deleted without opening it.

But as soon as he will open the second mail, he will hire you, because you are presenting yourself in a very attractive way. That means in simple terms, you are ready to sell yourself and not begging.

The fourth one is that beyond any job you can Work For Yourself also. Sometimes on weekends, you can work for your extra earning as well. You don’t need to sit idle on weekends, through digital marketing you can provide services to the companies who may need you while sitting at home.

It is basically a good job for housewives from home as well.

In the digital marketing world, the need for Digital Marketing professional is a demand but the supply is less. So, you can even go for this option as well.

I agree that opportunities are unlimited, and who will know you, but the world will recognize you as an expert only when you will market yourself.

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I am sure this guide has helped in changing your mindset about getting a dream job.

We have discussed Digital Marketing Jobs as an example, the idea is applied to all the jobs, which you are looking for and unable to get.

You can find a job in any field, just market yourself and let potential employers pay attention towards you.

I wish you all the best for getting a dream job!

Let me know if you are facing any problem just fill this form and I will get back to you soon.

In your service,
Dhairya Singh Chauhan










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