Ways To Make Passive Income

Ways To Make Passive Income

Ways To Make Passive Income


One day I was thinking, I wish I had that tree on which money grows. But, is it possible?


Can you make money while asleep?

The answer is- “NO”.

But, if I say “Yes” you can make passive money online while asleep, then you have to believe me.

Well, we all need a second source of income, but we have only 24 hours in a day to work on. Whenever you need to earn an additional income, there is a stereotypical suggestion that is basically offered is to “get a part-time job” or as per trend “online jobs”.

But think if you don’t have the time and energy to put in all those efforts, then what is left?

See, I know I cannot do this. The second thing, this is not as appealing as making money, while I am dealing time with money.

So, now for this, you have to find ways to make money with little investment of both, your time and your efforts on your part- that is you may need some passive income.

I think without wasting much time, we should start with quite a few ways to make money online. And I am sure, that you will be able to find at least two to three ideas that will work for you.

Ok then! Let’s get started with them one by one.


Ways to Make Passive Income


Create YouTube VideosImage result for youtube videos

I think everybody, like everyone, is aware of YouTube these days. And we know this business is growing rapidly.

There are so many people like you and me, making money online by creating videos and uploading on YouTube.

You can make videos on anything, like- music, dancing, recipes, or movie reviews etc- that means anything you wish. Then just upload them on YouTube.

Well, here is something of your use and interest. Just read carefully!

Every time someone watches one of your uploaded videos, as you see ads appearing, so, you can make money from those ads.

The question is “How to make money fast?”

After you are done with uploading your videos on YouTube, you can attach Google AdSense to the video, this way you will be able to overlay your videos with automatic ads. So, when the viewers or audience will click on those ads, you will earn passive income from AdSense.

You can take tips to create videos from many online sites available.

But, remember that you can find success with YouTube, and be sure for it.

Emily Eddington had received over 66 million views just on YouTube. She used her love for YouTube and make-up in order to quit her full-time job. Emily Eddington was a former morning news anchor, who quit her job and took her passion- makeup- and it turned out to be a phenomenal success for her.

You can also watch interviews of the best vloggers so that you get an idea of how things have to be done. This is one such kind.


Write an E-Book

Image result for an e-book

Well, writing an e-book is not an easy task. This can take a lot of work upfront.

Have you heard that “The fruit of hard work is always sweet”? Once you are ready with your e-book, then you have to market it. The marketing of your e-book can give you an amazing passive revenue stream for many years.

So, the question is how to make passive income?

Ok, the answer is very simple and maybe you are aware of it, but it is not clicking in your mind.

Simply, you have to sell your e-book either on your website or offer it as affiliate marketing or we can say as an affiliate arrangement with other websites as well.

This way can help you in getting or providing content which is related to your e-book.


Sell Your Own Products Online

Here are the opportunities which are endless. There are so many possibilities and ways you can sell your own product that you like online.

The product can be the one you yourself have created and can manufacture on your own or it can be digital in nature. Just like any software, DVDs, or it can even be an instructional video.

Now, how can you make money online?

You have many options available:

  • You can set up a dedicated website for your product or service, unless and of course, you have a blog or a website already.
  • Alternatively, you can do affiliate marketing here. That means you can sell it on affiliate basis also, you can either offer it directly to the blogs or the websites which are related to your products or services.
  • You can also sell your product or service using the platform such as ClickBank.

But if you have doubt about it, then I think you have to think again.

In one of the Podcast Interview, Steve Chou explained how his wife quit her job to make money from home, which means stay-at-home mom.

But, being at home she is a full-time job. Actually, Steve Chou’s wife started her own business that replaced her former job and salary and it had started bringing her a six-figure income. Wow! Isn’t it great?

Anyway, let’s move on to the next option to work from home.


Make Sales through Affiliate Marketing

This is one of the passive income technique in Digital Marketing. This new way is better suited for people who do blogging and have active websites.

You can sign up also to promote certain products and services on your website, for which you will be paid either a percentage of the amount of the sale completed or a flat fee.

This is not at all tough, as there are so many companies in the world who likes to sell their products in as many places as they can.

Now, you will be able to find good affiliate offers either by contacting some of the vendors directly or indirectly on the dedicated and relevant websites such as CueLinks. You can refer to this and earn as much as you can.


Try to Buy a Blog

Image result for buy a blog


Every year almost thousands of blogs are created and even thousands are abandoned completely by their owners.

But, if you buy a blog with a good amount of traffic on the website- as well as a demonstrated cash flow – it can prove to be a perfect source of passive income.

Well, many blogs employ Google AdSense, which provides an amazing revenue stream on monthly basis.

There are affiliate programs also. These affiliate marketing programs can help you generate passive income.

We have discussed earlier in the article regarding these two sources. But if you will purchase a blog, these two sources will be yours, with no doubt.

You can even find the websites which are less than 24 months’ earnings, provided the website owner is eagerly waiting to get out. You may also find some sites may be having “evergreen” content. These contents will generate revenue continuously even years after the website has gone silent.

See, whether you buy a blog or you create your own website, you can make money either ways!


Create an E-commerce Website

Image result for e-commerce website

You can create your own e-commerce website. There are websites available for purchasing domains and Hosting at reasonable rates.

See, if you have knowledge about a particular product, you will be able to sell it on the dedicated websites. The technique is almost similar to what you will apply for selling your own product.

Here, the advantage is you are not concerned and anxious about creating your own product. Here you are concerned about selling someone else’s product.

Later on, as the traffic generated, you may even find that you will be able to add other products that are related to the ones already posted. This way you will be able to generate more and more passive income.

Just remember, if your product is shipped to the customers directly from the manufacturers, then don’t worry it is not 100% passive, but it is darn close.

If you are crazy about knowing how to start a start-up, then it’s time to go through this once. We have created a simple video for you. Please have a look!


Try to Build an AppImage result for build an app


Apps- I mean applications, such as mobile apps.

I hope you know various mobile apps, as in- Rome2Rio, Ulumno, YONO, Google Pay, PAYTM.

See, Apps can prove to be incredibly a lucrative source of income. You can imagine the number of people having smartphones today. According to me- I think it just like “everybody”.

In this smartphone world, people are downloading apps just like anything. They are crazy about apps and for good reasons of course.

These apps are making the life of people easier and easier day by day. There are so many helpful apps out there, helping people in some of the other way. Whether it is an app that keeps track of the tasks or an app which helps people to put together nice pictures for their blogs, there is every type of helpful apps available these days.

You might be thinking, when there are so many helpful apps available, then what is the need to create an app? Why is it that we have to build an unnecessary competition?

Well, but a fresh creative idea can win. If you can create something unique, which comes out to be the solution to the flaw in an existing app, you can earn a good amount of money.

Creating an app can be done with the codes. Now, I know the problem is “How to code?” Firstly, you can learn. There are so many articles through you can learn to code. You can check out this one “How I Made $19,000 on the App Store While Learning to Code?”. This is an inspiring article on Nathan Barry’s success.

Secondly, you can always hire a developer to help you out in this, based on your idea. Well, this is an expensive option, and also you will not be able to learn anything.


Create an Online Course

Image result for create online courses

According to me, everybody is good at one or the other thing. Everybody has different passions. Some are expert in one thing and some are experts in some other thing. So, why not follow your passion and create an online course?

There is one guy Ramit Sethi at IWillTeachYouToBeRich.com. He is an expert at creating unbeatable online courses and guesses what? He is earning an insane amount of money by selling his courses online. The amount he is earning, I must say, most of the people are happy making a fraction of it.

There are numerous options available to you, through which you can produce and host your own online courses. One of the ways is Udemy.com.

Udemy is a great way to get your content in front of others. It has over eight million students. Once you are ready with your online course, it can work for you, even while asleep.

Now the question arises here is “what should you put in your online course?”

Well, I must say, if you are asking this question then it is an intellectual question. Let me answer you.

You can add:

  • Informative interviews with like-minded experts
  • Audio files for listening while people are traveling
  • You can also add video lessons and a checklist for completing steps you recommended in your video lessons
  • Even small e-books in order to supplement the lessons

And a whole bunch more!


Create An Online Guide

Image result for create online guide

You can try creating an online guide if creating videos or writing articles is not your cup of tea.

Have you seen Pat Flynn’s website SecurityGuardTrainingHQ.com?  Just watch on this website he has United States Map, which allows a person to click on any of the states in order to see the requirements of that state.

You can make money by providing specific information in a guide, with the help of some of the means already addressed as:

  • Google AdSense
  • Affiliate Links
  • You can even sell memberships from your online guide.

Well, it is a fantastic idea!


Make Some Money for Tasks You Already Do


Well, there are so many apps or we can say websites which allows you to make some money doing the tasks you already are doing.

Swagbucks which is a relevant website, allows you to make money. Isn’t it amazing?

Another website is InboxDollars, which allows you to make money just by shopping online, searching the web, playing games and even more!

You can easily take advantage of these websites and make some extra money.


The Last Note


Well, I have purposely provided you with a long list of the ideas which are related to earning of passive income.

In the article above I have provided you with some 10 important ways to earn make money online easily. All these ways are related to making passive income.

But, apart from these ways there are other ideas also, but not related to digital marketing.

I would like to mention these points of earning passive income as well:

  1. Outsource your existing business
  2. Rent out an unused space with Airbnb
  3. You can become a referral source
  4. Become a business, silent partner
  5. Invest in REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts)
  6. You can also write a book and also collect royalties
  7. Please pay-off a credit card
  8. Invest in real estate is also a good option
  9. If you have a credit card, you can also get cash-back rewards
  10. Purchase high dividend stocks
  11. Another good idea is to put your photography on the web
  12. You can also try out index funds.

I am sure this article is worth reading, and there is something on this list for everyone.

For more details and queries you can fill the FORM here.

Till stay tuned to the website, we will be backing soon with some more exotic topics.


Thank You!

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