URL rules and recommendations to follow


I get asked weekly about the rules and recommendations for URL’s and the value of the URL if a business picks a domain over the one that you need to establish it as a brand. We all know that keywords in the URL hold some weight in Google’s algorithm. Yes, it is true therefore to pick a proper URL is important. URL’s are basically address of a page and are categorized in three ways as: SEO friendly URL’s Permalinks Custom URL’s You can also say that the URL’s to be picked up in three simple ways like: Do URL’s should …

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Practical steps for planning a website

planning a website

Before starting and taking innovative plans to boost your brand on social media. I think my first step should be to tell you how to plan a website. Planning a website is not a difficult task if you already have that vision. But if you haven’t decided the topic that interests you then it’s a real challenge. It’s important what you are telling the customers and defines the goals to the target audience. Within few minutes and number of clicks, you can design a great website. But to implement a smart website you need a planning. To help ensure you …

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4 steps to create an extraordinary social media marketing strategies now.

social media marketing strategies

Social Media Marketing Strategies To build a brand there are so many goals that we need to focus on like how people are reaching you, engagement, traffic, form fill up and subscribers. And for this, we need to implement social media strategies which are a real challenge. There’s also a challenge to make sure your social media working in the way your company wants. So here’s how you can set insights on for this year. Today, I will share a framework to make sure that your social media is working for you and is in the right direction. Here you …

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Learn How To Set up Facebook Instant Articles For WordPress.

Facebook Instant Articles

Facebook Instant Articles were made for a very quick response to your website’s  articles. It is 10X Faster than standard mobile web articles. The URL structure remains the same but the speed of opening the article is faster and the content will be hosted on Facebook. 90% of a Facebook user access to the mobile phone. It is a huge advantage for WordPress blogs. Note: the total article will open on Facebook with no backlinks to your blog. You can also earn money by putting ads in your articles and you can also capture the data from google analytics. Yes, you have to put google …

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Learn How Google Algorithm Works

Google Algorithm

Let’s start with the base, How Google works and what Google wants? If you are looking for some information then Google search to get the exact result instead of having to dig through hundreds of results at the top of search engine. As Google is the god of the search engines so, everyone wants to be on Google to boost his business and make money. But so many spammers get miss using the search engine. Many business owners and marketers are using anchor text mean that they are giving external link to one another website to rank on a search …

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