On-Page SEO – Here finishes your search, a complete guide.

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Hey guys, Let’s resume our article. As we have discussed 7 On-page SEO techniques in the previous article which help you in gaining high traffic on your website. Let’s discuss the rest of the On-page SEO techniques which are below:


Robots.txt file is also known as Robots Exclusion Protocol or Standard. Robots.txt disallow all the web robots or search engines that which file to crawl. As an On-page SEO technique is a way to block excess resources on your website by blocking the search engines to crawl on your website.

You can check it in this way: vrikshaonline.in/robots.txt, this is the basic skeleton of a robots.txt code. When I apply this to my dummy website, I got this:

On-Page SEO 

Here, “User-agent” means that the robots.txt is applied to all the web robots that visit the site.

And, “Disallow,” tells the web robots not to visit the site at all.


Internal Linking:

There are two kinds of O-page SEO Linking and they are Internal Linking and External Linking.

Internal linking in SEO is the way to connect the other web pages of your website to the home page or to each other. If you add right internal links to your page, you should make sure that the Google understands the relevance of pages or the relationship between the pages and also the value of the web pages.

For Ex: Services.

In services, there might be Digital Marketing Services, SEO Services, SMO Services.

 Digital Marketing Services


 SEO Services


 SMO Services

Now, these three pages should be interlinked with each other under services head. What you have to do is:

*Go to the post which you want to add link – You can add the link at the bottom of the post – paste the URL of the post that you would like to link to the particular post. Etc.


Outbound Links

Outbound links are also known as External Linking. You can give the outbound links in your blogs, to optimize your pages. External linking in SEO not only helps in understanding search engines but also helps in increasing the trust and quality of your website.

Outbound links give a clear idea about your blog to the search engines and also helps in building good relationships with the bloggers as well.


External Linking Example: you can search for “related: your domain name.com”, on the Google search engine to know the related links.

On-Page SEO

Responsive Website

The responsive website as an On-page SEO Technique is basically a website which is device friendly. That means it should be compatible with all the devices. Such as Mobiles, Laptops, PCs etc.

Responsive Website Examples: Google is a responsive site, as people around the world can access Google from anywhere in the world and on any device whether it is mobile phones or any smartphone device.


Page Speed Loading:

This technique simply means that it is important to check the speed of your website and link it properly, in order to rank high on search engines. Google officially announced that page speed will be a ranking factor in its mobile-first index.

The page speed should be 6 seconds for desktop and 3 seconds for mobile phones.


Add Social Sharing Buttons:

Social networking is really important for your website. Adding Social Sharing Buttons of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Digg as well as Email share button and print button, above and/or below your post or articles or blogs, will be a great help for your website.

Adding social sharing buttons to your website can improve the traffic on your website.


Add Long Posts or Articles or Blogs:

Adding long posts or articles or blogs may help you and your website to gain more and more traffic, a people will stay for long on your website, to read the posts or articles or blogs. But apart from this, you should add good and relevant material to your posts or articles or blogs etc.

For Posts or Articles or Blogs, word limit should be 800-1000 words.

And for E-books word limit should be more than 1500 words

Even for Guides such as Step to Step process word limit should be more than 1500 words.


Anchor Text Optimization:

Anchor Text Optimization is also called as Hyperlink Keywords. Whatever keywords you hyperlink on your website becomes Anchor Text Links. You can use different Anchor Tools also for optimizing. It is an important aspect of on-page SEO and off-page SEO optimization.


For instance: I love my phone which iPhone 6.

It may look like:

<a href=”http://www.apple.com/shop/iphone/iphone-accessories”>iPhone 6</a>


AMP Object Optimization:

AMP refers to Accelerated Mobile Page. AMP as On-page SEO is an open source project or coding standard which is initiated by Google or Google Partners, that helps you to create AMP pages so that your website loads pages faster for mobile devices.

AMP is about 5 minutes’ process for your website. Please follow these steps:

  1. Install AMP WordPress Plugin
  2. Activate the plugin
  3. Edit your .htaccess file, maybe by using FileZilla.
  4. Now, you may edit the CSS to make your Accelerated Mobile Pages look and feel more like your site.

You can edit the CSS using FTP by:

wp-content -> plugins -> amp -> template.php


Guys, we will be back soon with new topic or article. Hope you like this. You can subscribe our channel also.


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In your service,
Dhairya Singh Chauhan


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