How To Engage Audience On Social Media

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How To Engage Audience On Social Media


Have a look at this!


You might be thinking what is this?

This is what we are going to talk about- “how to engage audience on social media“.

Let me ask you- How do you feel when people comment, like and share on your social media posts?

You feel awesome, isn’t it?

People always live in a myth that getting thousands of likes, some million views, some awesome comments and shares, is somewhat like a pipe dream.

But they get shocked in surprise, when I say them, they can get it. They just have to do what they are doing.

I remember a dialogue from a Hindi movie- “Until you come in front of the public, how will they know you“.

The same thing works when it comes to social media, when it comes to engaging and increasing your fan following.

Yes, the above picture depicts that for getting maximum likes, shares, views, comments etc, it needs the engagement of your audience

And we are here to discuss this issue- “How to engage audience on social media”. We have already discussed how to increase your followers on Instagram.

Ok, let me ask you, how many of you use social media? I am sure everyone.

Let us have a look at this.


Image result for how to engage audience on social media


These days social media has become a part of our lives. We can see the statistics of people engagement on social media.

There are around 1 Billion Facebook users and 215 Million Twitter active users.

This is incredible!

See, now you can find the answer to the question “how to engage audience on social media”, here, from the statistics above.

You should understand that any social engagement whether it is a comment, like or share is a sign that people loved your content on social media. And it is also necessary to reciprocate and respond to these interactions.

But at the same time, engaging with your followers or with your audience can be time-consuming.

If you are an individual or a small business owner who handles every social media account, you may not have time to engage with your audience the whole day. So again the question is intact, how to engage audience on social media.

According to Hub spot-

“91% of marketers want to know how to uniquely engage their audience. Engagement or social media ideas gives business a soar advantage over the competition. Therefore, social listening is the most important trick to understand your audience”.

So, you need to minimize the time it takes to engage with your audience and still be authentic at the same time.

Before we move further to our main agenda on how to engage audience on social media, let us know something fishy about social media. And that is what social media is all about:

Image result for how to engage audience on social media


Why Is Social Media Engagement Important?


Social media is the platform to recognize yourself as a brand.

Look, building a product or doing any social activity online, needs an awareness of people about your brand or product or about your posts, videos and podcasts.

And in the same way, your audience also needs to know who you are, what is your niche that you are or you want to work on.

This way more and more people will come to know about you and your work.

Because it’s you who is important as who you are and what you do.

Let us all see this before moving further.

how to engage audience on social media


Here, you can see the statistics of the value of social presence online. Around 35% of customers check brand pages as part of their social media activity.

Here, we are going to share the social media engagement tactics that we use to engage with our amazing social media followers quickly and authentically.

Well, I must say that there are a number of ways to engage your audience on social media.

There are many tools available that will help you to engage your customers.


Annaliese Hanwood said-

“To win the war for social media audience attention, you need to have strategies that will help you get to that point of success”.

So, the best techniques or strategies that you get to know organically are here.

Stay tuned we will go through the points one by one.


How To Engage Audience On Social Media


Share Videos Every Day


Watch this!

This is really important. We should go by statistics.

Facebook and YouTube users alone watch videos every single day. And 82% of Twitter users watch videos on that network.

It is sound and secures to say that sharing videos will help you to increase your fan following.

See here…..


how to engage audience on social media

We can understand from this that about 85% of the products are sold by watching videos. And the estimate shows that internet traffic should increase by 79% through video content by 2018.

So, now the question is how to create and share social videos that will boost your social engagement.

  • If you’re looking for social media interactions you have to understand what different you can do in the video to shot-gun. Ideas such as videos, entertain, consider how-to,  behind-the-scenes, will go.


  • The best video length for Facebook engagement is about 1 minute and 30 seconds, and for Twitter, it is 2 minutes and 20 seconds. So, an easy way is that you smartly record a video and share it across multiple networks, like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Tumblr and so on.


  • Facebook and Instagram recommend that storytelling via video keeps your audience interested.


how to engage audience on social media


  • You can take a camera, microphone, stand, and lights and start recording videos, edit your videos with Windows Movie Maker or by using some other editors. You can also add captions to make your message accessible to everyone, even if the sound is off.

Tag Your Guest Bloggers or People 


Tagging is also one part of how to engage your audience on social media.

You should tag your guest bloggers or people you’ve quoted in your Social Messages.

In order to engage your fans, friends, and influencers with your social accounts, What you have to do is:

  • Use the tools like Canva or Photoshop to create a quote graphic. After doing so, you can tag the person or the business you have quoted in your social message.

You can easily find them on social media like Facebook or Twitter etc. Simply search their name or search for their business page on Facebook or any other social media. You can also find new customers on social media.



You will be able to get some more options related to it, you have to click on join tab.



Here are a few tips, how you can find new customers.


Image result for how to engage audience on social media


  • It will be great if you refer other people’s content when you publish your own blog posts, videos or any other social media engagement ideas.

You should thank those people by tagging them in a social message with a link back to the content you’ve published.

This is the way they can see how you’ve recognized their hard work.

  • You may even accept guest authors to write for your blog. You can tag your guest bloggers in the social messages you scheduled to promote their blog posts. They’ll get to experience the likes, shares, and comments on those social messages, which will make them feel good and reiterate that they have made a right decision to write for you.


  • Ask your audience for their advice on the content you create. You simply have to create the content and share it with the person who can give you great ideas by tagging them in social messages.


Remember, you have to take advantage of all the features that social media provides you with. Just like tagging, commenting, sharing, likes there are many more.


Use Emojis

Social Media provides you with a handy list of emojis. It is up to you to use them in a smart way.

You can find this as an easy and the best way to make your replies a little more interactive and funny.

It also helps you to reach a larger number of audience on social media and helps you in increasing engagement on social media posts

Image result for emojis

Emojis are used to express your way of taking the posts.

This is an efficient way to convey your emotions on social media. It’s simple and effective.

So, you just need to click on the emoji that tells your emotions and you are ready to serve your content.


Post Frequently

Last but not the least on how to engage audience on social media is you should make frequent posts on social media.

Social media has become a way to reach to the maximum people, residing anywhere in the world.

We have noticed many times, that people going outside India or within India, they immediately post on social media. This increases engagement. And also far away people can see their relatives, that they are safe and healthy.

So, in the same way, you should post frequently, so that you are in public eye. And people can search you more easily.

Frequent posts also increase your organic search.

When you post the content frequently and share it in a proper way then you get the proper engagement. This is one of the social media tactics for business.

It allows you to get 100% targeted traffic and will increase your organic search. 

All you have to do is, find high potential Facebook groups and other social media groups to share your content. Remember as much as you will share your content it will attract more real people to target your niche.

Posting frequently in your groups will get high visibility as well.

So, it is simple to say that, you just need to share an attractive content and you will realise more and more traffic by scheduling a proper call to action. Add some social messages as well to boost your organic search.


The Last Note

We have discussed most important strategies on how to engage your audience on social media.

Well, you will find numerous strategies on how to engage your audience on social media. Like:

Use hashtags

Create Polls

Host Contests etc.

But we have listed some important points for engaging more and more audience to your post on social media.

We always know “content is king” and we have to improve our content everywhere, or to improve SEO, when it is a question of increasing traffic on your website or how to engage audience on social media.

We hope you find the article worth reading. Will be back with some more interesting topics soon.

Till then stay tuned to Buy Cheap and Best SEO Books 2018.

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