Cuelinks Review: Indian Affiliate Program for Bloggers

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Cuelinks ReviewImage result for ratings of cuelinks

In our earlier articles, we have talked a lot about Affiliate Marketing a lot. I think by now, you are very well aware of Affiliate Marketing and how it is done.

We had even talked about ways of earning passive income because I know when you are looking digital Marketing as a career then, it is understood that you are seeking more and more money.

I have told you earlier also, these days you need not to go out and earn extra money. In this digital world, everything can be done online, sitting at home and earn money. But, just need a Laptop or Desktop etc.

Well, Affiliate Marketing as we know is not a new phenomenon, and trust me most of the bloggers or publishers make money through it only.

I know you all are very well aware of Google AdSense. It is really a good network to work upon but getting the approval is not a piece of cake. It is not the only option to make money online.

Though many bloggers have shifted to Affiliate Marketing, the question is how?

There are numerous options available:

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89shares etc etc etc…


Still struggling to make money online? Then you should look for the Affiliate Marketing Programs, and one such program is Cuelinks.

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Yeah! Believe me earning money online using Cuelinks as an Affiliate Program is not a pipe dream any more.

Cuelinks is not a novice affiliate program but I know many of you haven’t heard about it.

So, let’s start with the introduction part.


What is Cuelinks?

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I have read somewhere the definition of Cuelinks and I think it is the best way to define and understand Cuelinks:

“A 2-minute Content Monetization Solution for Affiliate Marketing”.

Well, it is a tool for content monetization that works like Viglinks and Skimlinks for publishers and bloggers. That means if you own some quality content on your website and you are looking forward to making money out of your content, the Cuelinks is the best pick.

Cuelinks is not the only Affiliate Marketing Program available, of course. But, it is also the best for Indian Bloggers and Publishers today.

So, now the question is “what is that makes Cuelinks stand out? Why do we think that?”


What is that makes Cuelinks different?

First off, Cuelinks is covering some of the biggest brands of India, than any other affiliate program. Just check out here:









Big Basket

Shop Clues

Make My Trip and many more…

Cuelinks has almost 20000+ publishers as well as 10 Million+ Clicks per month. In fact, the commission played by Cuelinks is in the ratio of 75:25. That means the affiliate will get 25% and the merchant will get 75% of the sale.

On the more, the minimum payout is Rs 500, which is paid via wire transfers or cheques.

You can also work directly with a merchant, according to your preference. The process is really simple. You have to get in touch with the Cuelinks affiliate marketing program team and only they will help you facilitate the connection.

Let’s see what is more about Cuelinks, which encourage the publishers to throw the ball in their court.

Here we will make important revelations you may need to know before choosing Cuelinks as your Affiliate Marketing Program.

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Cuelinks Review Video


How Cuelinks can be used?

Cuelinks is a content monetized affiliate program, which is good or great for any Indian Bloggers.

Well, this is good for those bloggers or publishers especially, whose target audience are Indians or who are looking for deriving traffic from India.

So, keeping all this in mind, the Cuelinks team has created an easy program to associate with. It not only saves your precious time in signing up separately for an affiliate program individually but also, you will be able to generate a direct affiliate link to any specific page on any merchant site.

Let’s look at this easy procedure for signing up.

First and foremost one of the Cuelinks Official Websites, you have to start with Logging into your Cuelinks Dashboard.

You will be directed to this page:

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You have to click on “Merchant Lookup”.

Then, search here for the Merchant name and click the one you have found, as shown in the picture above.

After doing the above, you will be guided to another page, where you have to enter the product URL from the site of the merchant.

Then in order to get the unique affiliate link, you have to click on Link Me. (As shown)

Well, you can go directly to the Link Kit also and generate an affiliate link for any of the merchant’s product page, which is associated with the Cuelinks.

It can be done, while you login to your Cuelinks account.

Furthermore, we will see some new features of Cuelinks.


What are the in-Built tools of Cuelinks?

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Cuelinks has some inbuilt tools, which will help you to further monetize your blog. So, let’s get started:

Cuewidgets to Multiply Your Earnings:

Image result for cuelinks cuewidgets

If you are dealing especially with promotions and deals then Cuelinks are helpful. These widgets will display those deals on the sidebars of your website.

Cuewidgets are Native/Contextual Display Advertising that will multiply your earnings by making the best of the unused real estate on your website.

Cuewidgets are attractive display widgets that present fully customized and contextual ads. They increase the visitor’s engagement by displaying the products ads that are most relevant to your content.

Cuewords- To Convert Keywords Into Links:

Image result for cuelinks cuewidgets

When you have linked to the merchant websites, at that time Cuelinks work in a better way. But the question is “how about when you don’t know the link of a particular merchant’s website?”


The answer is: Cuewords

This is where you need Cuewords. Cuewords is the latest updating from Cuelinks Team, where it converts text or Keywords into Affiliate links.Image result for cuelinks cuewidgets

Let’s talk about their one more up gradation i.e., Cueapps


Cueapps-To Monetize Your Android Apps

Image result for cuelinks cuewidgets

In order to monetize your Android Apps, Cuelinks offers Cueapps facility to you. You can download the Cuelinks SDK as an app in your android phone, in just four simple integration steps.

Image result for cuelinks cuewidgets

Once it is installed on your Android phone, you will be automatically redirected via affiliate links on the go.

Image result for cuelinks cuewidgets

We are now going to talk about the relation of Cuelinks and WordPress.

In our earlier articles, we informed you about the pros and cons of WordPress above other website builders i.e., Wix Vs WordPress and also WordPress Vs Blogging.

Well, I must say, if you are using WordPress as your website builder, then you need not to worry. WordPress provides you with Cuelinks Plugin. You can easily install the plugin just like other plugins are installed on WordPress.

Image result for cuelinks and wordpress

The WordPress Cuelinks Affiliate Marketing Tool can be configured easily. This will help you to appear the javascript directly on your website, and you don’t need to copy and paste the same.


Why Cuelinks?

  • Cuelinks, generally by default, monetize all the links of those merchants whom they are associated with.
  • If in case, you are interested to work with any of a particular merchant individually or directly, say for example Amazon Affiliate then sent an e-mail to the Cuelinks team. They will soon remove Amazon from your account.
  • You can find all branded Indian Merchants at one place, and also a detailed list of commissions.
  • In the case of payout, then the minimum payout is INR 500, and the maximum cannot be defined.
  • The ratio of Revenue Distribution is 75:25, and it is between the Cuelinks and the Publisher.
  • Signup and installation is really a simple process.
  • By simply using their linking tools, any product URL can be converted to the affiliate link directly.
  • They have come up with amazing features as Cuewidgets, Cuewords and Cueapps.
  • You can also use Cuelinks with Google AdSense or any other affiliate or advertising networks.

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The Last Words


There are numerous affiliate programs available for you online, which help you to earn money from your blog.

But, if you are running a website that targets Indian audience, then Cuelinks Affiliate Program what you are looking for.

The best part is if you don’t even have a ready website, you can start your own coupons and deals.

You can Create a Free Account on Cuelinks.

After sending a request for joining the program to the Cuelinks team, the publishers will be approved within two days.

We have seen that there are new updations on Cuelinks, which have this affiliate program an amazing place to get associated with. Cuewidgets, Cuewords, Cueapps- features are added.

Another thing which places the ball in their court is that the Cuelinks Affiliate Program is very easy to install and it also works with other affiliate programs like Google AdSense.

I will definitely recommend Cuelinks by raising a shot towards it as the best option to earn passive income online.

I hope you have liked the review on Cuelinks Affiliate Program. Personally, I am also using Cuelinks as our Affiliate Program, and trust me you will never be disappointed.

Please write a review about the article and for more queries you can fill the FORM here.

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Thank You!


In Your Service

Dhairya Singh Chauhan




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