Hello everyone! Dhairya here from Delhi. Welcome to my blog! Although my agency was founded in 2018, my marketing roots go back to one year ago and more. I learned marketing because it is my passion. I am a passionate digital marketer. My first startup is a motivational website called Life art 4 all, which eventually became the No 1 Premium motivational blog website.

Besides Life art 4 all, I am working as Marketing Executive in Speaking Tiger Books that is a publication house. There I create and edit content for various online and offline platforms. Search engine optimization, Track and analyze website traffic flow for increasing dwell time or improving conversion.

DigitalDhairya.com is designed to provide you with digital marketing blogs. It started as a personal blog where I used to write notes on Digital Marketing for the future reference. If you are new to Digital Marketing or maybe professional still, my blogs will help you out. I also launch free Digital Marketing course to help you all learn this area well. Stay tuned and subscribe to my blog to learn the latest stuff in Digital Marketing.

Long story behind this

As no one knows where its destiny will take him or her. We all plan something but sometimes life takes us to somewhere else. I got into the field of Digital Marketing by accident. At the age of 18, I started doing Modeling and in fact, I became the international artist. But my destiny has decided something else for me.

Digital Marketing was not planned. However, I am happy where I have reached. There are so many things that have compelled me to be here.

I joined the college in 2014 and did BBA. I knew that management and marketing is my cup of tea still, I didn’t find any interest in taking a single class of BBA. Then, I graduated from college in 2017 and that was the peak time for my career. I learned some of the basic courses like Finance Accounting, Web Designing and many more. Then, I found Digital Marketing and made my career.

To get self-motivation I started my first website called Life art 4 all. It is a motivational website with full of inspiring articles that help me taking good choices for my career. And there how I become a Digital Marketer.

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